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How to Be Successful on Instagram: Basic Guide

how to be successful on instagram

You post, and you post, and you post. And yet you cannot seem to make it over the 30 or so follower mark on Instagram. What are you doing wrong? Don’t worry. You just don’t have the theory and knowledge yet to get you famous on Insta. But we can help you there. Here is your guide on how to be successful on Instagram.

1. Quality vs. Quantity

The first step is to upload only high-quality pictures. This is paramount. Nobody wants to look at pixelated photos anymore. Given the fact that we all have this huge amount of technology right at our fingertips, there is absolutely no reason why you should be taking or posting poor pictures.

2. Populate Your Account

This one is for the newbies. Before you start inviting people to follow you, it’s highly important that you populate your account with pictures. Try to upload as many as fifteen or twenty. Then you can start adding people.

Don’t ask people to follow you when the only thing you’ve got on there is a picture of your cat. That’s not enough content to keep them interested. They will leave and, probably, never follow you again.

3. Build Your Following

Once you have populated your account with photos, it’s time to invite people over to see them. You can simply send people messages or share a post where you invite your friends to follow you on Instagram.

If you are already on Facebook or Twitter and have a mass following on there, then cross your accounts. In this way, it will be a lot easier for people to see your work on Insta and follow you there. Another way to get people to see your content is by using hashtags. If you do, then your pictures will show up in what we call hashtag feeds.

4. Post as Much as You Can

It’s important that people don’t forget who you are. How to be successful on Instagram depends on it. Therefore, try to post as often as you can. However, there’s a catch. You have to find that fine line between being pleasantly active on Insta and annoying every single one of your followers with your posts. In other words, don’t post hourly showing every position your dog sleeps in, every meal you have, and every beverage you’ve enjoyed in a day. Make it special and interesting.

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5. Don’t Over Process

We know that it’s extremely enticing to post process or photoshop your photos. However, once again you need to find the right balance between touching them a little so as to bring out their natural beauty and turning them into fake props. Some people work their photos so much that they actually don’t look real anymore. There’s no need for sepia tone in a simple and friendly family pic or for a lemon hue on a beautiful, blue sky image.

Follow the steps that we outlined on how to be successful on Instagram, and you will get there sooner than you think. Don’t forget to post high-quality content, invite your friends to follow you, post often, and remember that, sometimes, less is more. Also, keep in mind to look up from Instagram to the real world from time to time.

Author: Amanda Knowles