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How to Be a Good Project Manager: 4 Tips from Experts

how to be a good project manager

There are few things worse for a business that can top the idea of a good employee walking out the door. But they do. What’s even sadder is the fact that, according to them, they don’t usually walk out on the job itself, but on the manager. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s very good employees who are simply tired of bad managers. That’s why we have gathered a handful of tips from experts to show you how to be a good project manager.

1. Don’t Hire or Promote the Wrong People | Tray Bradberry

To a good employee, there is nothing more downright insulting than being passed over for a promotion or a raise for someone who is clearly undeserving, according to Tray Bradberry. The massive insult you just presented them with leads to demotivation and then quitting. To avoid this, you must be a hands-on project manager at all times. Don’t let lesser employees fool you!

Tray Bradberry is the president of TalentSmart and the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, a best-selling book.

2. Try to Be a People’s Person | Andre Lavoie

Indeed, a project manager who is not a people’s person, who has anxiety, is shy or an introvert is an oxymoron. Putting introverts in charge of other people should never happen. This is what Andre Lavoie, the CEO of ClearCompany says. However, once you find yourself in this position, try to change things by becoming a people’s person, for the sake of the employees. It may be difficult for you to talk in meetings, but it’s frustrating to everyone else.

3. Don’t Be a ‘No, But’ Project Manager | Doug Hutton

How to be a good project manager, you ask? Doug Hutton answers. Never be the ‘no, but’ guy. This means that, when one of your employees offers an idea or a suggestion, you clearly and surely cut it down at the root. The reason might be because you don’t like change, you feel challenged or simply because the idea wasn’t yours. If you do this, you’ll find that your employees have piles of notebooks and draft or emails chock full of ideas that were shelved. They were simply too afraid or too tired even to bother coming up with something new. Instead, you can try to nurture their creativity and intelligence.

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4. Never Wait to Resolve a Conflict | Sujan Patel

The awesome Sujan Patel, co-founder of Web Profits, advises that, when a conflict arises in your team, wasted time is your worst enemy. In fact, he says that the best time to have acted upon it was yesterday. A good time was today. If you wait, it will only fan the flame, and the conflict will fester. Step in with confidence and resolve the issue yourself.

Here are four experts teaching you how to be a good project manager. Sujan Patel, Doug Hutton, Andre Lavoie, and Tray Bradberry may have different pieces of advice to give, but they all think in the same lines. Remember that good employees run away from bad managers more than anything else. Don’t be one of them.

Author: Amanda Knowles