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5 Ideas on How to Advertise on Google

how to advertise on google

If you are a young entrepreneur or the owner of a small business, then advertising with Google is just about the best marketing strategy you can come across. The reason is that your ad can be displayed at the exact moment when someone searches for something related to your type of business. How cool is that? But you knew that. What you don’t know are some ideas on how to advertise on Google. We’ve got you covered.

1. Keywords Are Your Best Friends

Make sure you use the same keywords that you are bidding on as in your ad. In this way, Google will know that you add is relevant to a particular type of search. For example, when people look for ‘red tulips in bloom,’ they also get the ad for your flower shop because you used to appropriate keywords.

2. Local Identifiers

If you are the owner of a local business, then local identifiers have been created especially for you. You can use them by introducing location terms in your search. For example, use the phrase ‘freshest flowers in Boston.’ Therefore, when someone searches ‘tulips flower shop Boston,’ they will also see an add for your flower shop.

3. Why Are You Unique?

When writing your ad, you need to let users know what is it that makes you unique. Remember that competition is fierce, and there are many other businesses like yours. Let’s continue using the same example of the flower shop. Why should they come to you? Maybe because you have ‘rare flowers,’ you are ‘affordable,’ you make ‘quick deliveries,’ or ‘stunning wedding bouquets’? Find something that sets you apart from the crowd.

4. Introduce a Call to Action

As the name suggests, calls to action have the psychological power to convince users to act upon the message. Introduce one of them in your ad. For example, you can say ‘Drop by today for a discount!’ or ‘Enter your zip code and find the location closest to you.’ This is one of the easiest ideas on how to advertise on Google.

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5. Discounts and Promotions

Nothing attracts people more to your venue than promotions, prizes, and discounts. The minute you announce to the world that you are ready to slash your prices or to give something away for free, they will come running. Include such offers in your Google ad, like this. ‘Half off only today!’ ’30 percent discount for all May brides!’ ‘Come in today and get a free potted plant for every purchase you make.’ ‘This week only – free carnation seeds for every bouquet you buy!’

Remember to create a sense of urgency, so that people can respond better to the promotions. Add exclamation points to the sentences and only run your campaigns for a limited amount of time.

Learn how to advertise on Google with these five wonderful ideas. They include offering discounts and promotions, organizing contests, introducing calls to action in your ads, telling your customers what makes you unique and much more. Let us know in the comment section below what tricks you use to market your business via Google ads.

Author: Amanda Knowles