How Successful People Think: A Book Which Might Change Your Life

How Successful People Think: A Book Which Might Change Your Life

how successful people think

There’s a vast selection of self-help books on the market, each promising to teach you something no other book can. While some of them are truly life-changing, others might end up disappointing you in the end. Among such life-changing books that are worth reading is John C. Maxwell’s How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. The premise of this book is that all successful people have something in common, and that is their thinking process. Today, we’re going to talk about this book, highlight the most important concepts put forth there, and explain why you should read it as soon as possible.

Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking. – John C. Maxwell

Must-Read: How Successful People Think

Calling this book a must-read is by no means a stretch. Especially if you’re a person who enjoys reading books that contain great life advice. The book is perfect for people who don’t have that much time to read, because it’s compact, yet full of useful information. Its author, John C. Maxwell is a leadership expert, so he has inside information on how successful people such as himself think. The book puts forth many concepts related to successful thinking, but we’re only going to insist upon a couple of them, leaving the rest up to you to read in the actual book.

#Question Everything

In order to think like a successful person, you have to be able to challenge the status quo and question everything you come across on a daily basis. Don’t take anything for granted and learn to form your own opinions about things.

#Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can be one of the most damaging activities you could engage in. Even if things don’t always go according to the plan, the solution is not to think negatively and blame yourself for what could have been. Instead of focusing on that, you should focus on what could be in the future.

#Be Aware of Your Environment

The key to thinking successfully is to surround yourself with people who have the same mind-frame as yourself. Avoid people who conform and who don’t dare to think for themselves. Befriend people who think differently and take your inspiration from them.


What Maxwell means by exploring doesn’t limit you in any way. You’re free to explore new culturescountries, traditions, subject areas, and so on. As long as you’re curious and thirsty for knowledge, you’re also on the path to success.

What Will You Learn from How Successful People Think?

The main thing this book is trying to teach you is how to focus on your thinking process and learn to see the big picture. You’ll learn how to unleash your creative potential, connect what seems impossible to connect, embrace the ambiguous, develop your ideas, and more importantly, learn from past mistakes and use them to forge a better future.

If everything we’ve told you about the How Successful People Think book has convinced you to read it, know that you can find it on Amazon.

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Author: Amanda Knowles