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How Not to Let Things Bother You: 4 Methods

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We have all experienced stressful periods when a lot of thoughts are tormenting you, and you do not really know how not to let things bother you. When unuseful thoughts get stuck in your head, you are highly likely to lose your focus, productivity, and creativity. Constantly having to deal with a nagging thought will probably ruin your whole day. The most important thing is to learn how not to let things bother you by learning to let go.

If you think letting go means to ignore the problem, you are wrong. To let go means that you finally realize that there is nothing you can do about it right now. Therefore, instead of letting that issue consume your time and life, you will simply put it aside for the moment until you can deal with it. Letting go is not running away.

We have all been through similar experiences when distracting thoughts feed on our time, attention and energy. By letting go, you save the resources for things that really matter and pursue your dreams. In what follows, we will provide some tips on how not to let things bother you and learn to let go.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Even if this might sound silly, it is not silly if it works. When you feel like stress is piling up and you cannot stop thinking about different problems, just stop for a while and breathe. Take a deep breath and hold it in for a few seconds before exhaling. Repeat this process a few more times until you feel that you are less stressed with every breath. Let the negative energy go and make sure you re-center your mind.


This method can surely help you get that thought that bothers you out of your head. Just take a piece of paper and write it all down. Do not try to edit, just let the things you feel flow out. Some may say that this the best way to let go of things.

Nevertheless, you can also try something else, like writing a letter to the situation or person that is bothering you. This sounds even crazier, but it helps. You will not send the letter, you just need to take it off your chest and clear your mind.

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If you learn to let go of things, you will be a lot more productive and focused.

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Empty your mind

You are the only one in charge of your own thoughts. Do not let them master you and do the exact opposite. You are the creator of your own thoughts, and you are the one in control of all the situations and scenarios that develop into your head.

This is similar to meditation only your goal is to remove unuseful thoughts from your mind. After you get rid of what bothers you, you are in control. However, you will need some time before mastering this skill because it might get tough to clear your head when you are stressed.


All you have to do is imagine that thing that keeps bothering you and place it in a balloon and let it float. You will feel relieved. Also, you can imagine writing that thought down on a piece of paper and once you clearly see the letters, just crumple the paper and throw it away. These ideas may sound crazy, but they can work wonders.

Summing up

Sometimes you may find it hard to learn how not to let things bother you. It may be difficult to let go of things, but you need to try every method and use the one that works every time you have a problem. In this way, you will be able to focus and be productive again.

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Author: Amanda Knowles