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How Netflix Reinvented HR or the 3 Ways in Which It Changed Human Resources

how netflix reinvented hr

What comes to mind when you say Netflix? Definitely not HR. However, surprisingly or not, Netflix is the source of some of the most significant changes in human resources in the last few years. Advancing the idea that, while we have more than enough experience managing industrial companies and not nearly enough experience handling creative companies, Netflix is revolutionizing the way we look at HR and company culture. Here is how Netflix reinvented HR from our expert, Andrea Huspeni.

1. Important Insights into the Netflix Company Culture | Andrea Huspeni

Take a look at some of the principles that form the basis of Netflix’s groundbreaking human resources policy, which is expected to revolutionize the whole industry.

  • Netflix allows employees to manage their own time

There is no nine-to-five standard when you work for this giant. Since they recognize that people do not work in an industrial environment anymore, they have also admitted to the fact that an industrial schedule is not needed either. The nine-to-five was introduced as a means to save time and work during daylight. That is not needed today, especially when confronted with a creative set of employees. They need to take their time and perform their job when they feel the moment is right as opposed to very early in the morning or during the week.

  • The company is not a family

Here is one of the ideas that really stood Netflix a head above the crowd. They had the courage to step up and say that, unlike the traditional way of managing a company which advises managers to view their businesses as a family, Netflix is more like a sports team. There is a lot of affection between the members but, ultimately, these ties should not be unconditional. There are boundaries people should not cross.

Andrea Huspeni is the founder of This Dog’s Life, a platform for national and local news. You can find more of her and of how Netflix reinvented HR on her Twitter page.

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2. A Principle You Can Apply Too

Apart from the fantastic insights, Netflix has also shared a procedure that they use with their employees, which you can copy. They dropped the traditional feedback because it did not work on account of being too generic. Instead, they adopted a practice where they go to dinners once in a while. While at the table, everyone gets to say ‘stop, start, or continue’ to their colleagues.

You might think that there’s time for that in the office while working as well, but it’s not actually that easy. Netflix has found that these dinners are highly efficient in terms of feedback. People are able to handle what’s put on their plate, both figuratively and literally, as long as it’s the truth, coming to them from a mature mind.

Netflix’s ideas on human resources, hiring people, and treating employees are true game changers. There is no doubt about that. They are one of the first large companies in the world to recognize that we no longer live in an industrial world. Therefore, the way we hire individuals and treat them in the workplace needs to change as soon as possible. What do you think about the story how Netflix reinvented HR?

Author: Amanda Knowles