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How Does Artificial Intelligence Work and 3 Ways to Use It in Your Work

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Even though we’ve all heard of robots and artificial intelligence before, not many of us know or can explain what AI is and how it works. Artificial intelligence is intelligence that some types of machines exhibit. Machines that manage to mimic certain functions that we would only attribute to human beings are part of this category. However, there are many other categories of artificial intelligence, which is precisely what makes this concept difficult to define and understand. How does artificial intelligence work in the end? We’re going to explain this and more in today’s article.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

First of all, as we’ve already mentioned, there are many types of artificial intelligence in the world. Moreover, there’s also disagreement on what should fit this category and what shouldn’t. For instance, a new type of software can be called AI at the beginning. But as soon as it integrates into the backdrop, it loses this status.

Apart from the more traditional types of software, experts who study artificial intelligence tend to focus on software that is adaptive, complex, capable, and even has human-like intelligence. After all, AI is all about mimicking human intelligence, since it finds its inspiration in the human brain.

The way artificial intelligence works is by building concepts of the things it works with and storing them as pieces of data. These pieces can be both static and dynamic. AI looks at the relationship between these pieces and how it can use it to serve a specific goal. If you provide AI with a goal, it can come up with smaller goals that it assigns utility to, according to how useful they are for the end goal. Then, it will tackle those goals until it gets the job done.

3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Work

1. Virtual Assistance

Perhaps the most obvious and popular form of artificial intelligence that you can use in your work is virtual assistance. Although for us, it seems natural to ask Siri where we can find the nearest grocery store, a couple of decades ago this idea was merely science fiction. Businesses can also use virtual assistants, especially when it comes to customer service. A combination of virtual assistance and human customer service is probably the best option for many businesses.

2. Automated Processes

The idea of machines doing people’s work has been around for a while. Even so, artificial intelligence brings a whole new understanding to the concept of automated processes. It’s not about blue collar vs. white collar work anymore. Instead, AI focuses on automating routine work and making it easier for people to focus on more important nonroutine tasks.

3. Data Analysis

The success of a business depends a lot on how it manages to analyze the data it has in order to generate insights and develop accordingly. This task has been made much easier by AI. Artificial intelligence can take in data and analyze it, but also learn from it and improve in time.

So, how does artificial intelligence work? By mimicking human intelligence and helping us tackle our day-to-day tasks faster and easier. If you want to find out more about the artificial intelligence future, watch the captivating TED Talk below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles