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How Do You Prioritize Your Workload When It Gets More Complex?

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We all know the feeling of wanting the day to be longer so that we can accomplish everything we set our mind to. Naturally, some things are more important and urgent than others, but this is not always that obvious. Sometimes, it can feel as if you can’t sacrifice any of the things you have to do. In this case, how do you prioritize your workload? Prioritization is extremely important, since without it, we would get buried in all of the things we need to accomplish. Today, we’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to prioritize your workload and be more productive.

How Do You Prioritize Your Workload? 4 Tips and Tricks

1. Write Down Every Single Task

Oftentimes, when we have a lot on our plate, we tend to forget about certain tasks that are not as high-priority as others. In order to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks, you should write down every single task that you have to tackle in a particular day, including small ones such as buying groceries. You don’t have to place them in any order just yet, or worry if they seem too many. That’s because the next tips are all about how to arrange and prioritize them.

2. Identify the Tasks That Are Urgent

In every list, there are going to be tasks that are urgent and that you have to take care of first. What we mean by urgent is tasks that would impact you negatively if you were to ignore them. For instance, if you know you have to provide a client with a project in less than 10 hours, this should be the main priority for you. Failing to meet the deadline can result in the client losing trust in you and deciding to collaborate with someone else.

3. Identify the Tasks That Are Important

Next come the tasks that are not urgent, but are still important to you. What are the things that are going to bring you personal and/or professional benefits once you do them? These are probably the most important tasks on the list you have left. Remember to also consider whether or not you’re the only one involved in a specific task, or if other people will be affected by the amount of time that passes until the task is accomplished. If there are many people counting on you, this can be another factor that turns an irrelevant task into an important one.

4. Postpone Unimportant Tasks

While some days you’ll probably manage to tick everything on your list of tasks, other days this won’t be possible. Ideally, you should be left only with tasks which are not that important and which you can postpone. If this is the case, move them either to the next day, or to some other day that same week. As long as they don’t become urgent, you shouldn’t worry if you have to postpone them more than once. As a final piece of advice, keep in mind that you can live without accomplishing some tasks. Before you struggle trying to get them done, consider if it wouldn’t be better for you to just let them go.

The next time someone asks you “How do you prioritize your workload?” present them with the above tips and tricks. They’re definitely going to find them useful as well.

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Author: Amanda Knowles