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How Do Hashtags Work and How to Use Them Best on Each Platform

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If you’re a regular presence online, then you must have seen tweets, Instagram pictures, or Facebook posts that include hashtags. Although hashtags can be used simply for fun, they can serve a different purpose as well. For instance, they can ensure that your posts reach more people, thus helping you grow your business. How do hashtags work and how can you use them successfully? We’re going to answer these questions in today’s guide. So if you want to start using hashtags in your posts, make sure to read on.

How Do Hashtags Work?

Whenever you write a certain post or want to upload a picture on Instagram, you can use hashtags that relate to the text/image or that describe it. Hashtags can be either single words or group of words. They help people find posts related to their interests faster. For instance, if you use the hashtag #puppies in a post, people can click on it and find every other post that has used this hashtag. Similarly, if someone searches for this hashtag, they’ll also be able to find your post.

Certain hashtags can trend at different times if used by enough people. If you want to be as visible as possible on social media, we advise you to follow hashtag trends. Then, try to integrate them into your posts as naturally as possible.

How to Use Hashtags on Different Platforms


Twitter is the platform where hashtags were born, so it comes as no surprise that hashtags abound here. On Twitter, you can see posts even from users that you’re not connected to, if you search for a specific hashtag. The cool thing about the results is that you can filter them according to your liking. For instance, you can choose to look at the top results (which show posts with high engagement). You can also look at live tweets, news sources, photos, or videos that include that specific hashtag. Using a hashtag on Twitter is extremely easy. Just remember not to overdo it and use too many at once.


The main difference between Twitter and Facebook when it comes to hashtags is that if you click on one on Facebook, you’re only going to be able to see posts from people who have a public profile. This means that most likely, you’ll stumble upon posts from brands, influencers, publishers, and so on, rather than individuals who have private accounts. This is good news for you if you have a Facebook page for your business and want your posts to reach more people. On Facebook too, you can search for the hashtag in photos, videos, pages, people, groups, events, apps, and so on.


Instagram works similarly to Facebook, in that if you search for a specific hashtag, you’ll be able to browse through posts from everyone who used it and who has a public account. Hashtags on Instagram are a great way to get likes and followers, and search for photos that interest you. If you need some help with hashtag ideas, remember that Instagram also suggests the most popular ones whenever you enter the hashtag symbol (#). For some extra tips on how to use hashtags on Instagram, make sure to watch the video below.

We hope today’s guide has managed to answer the question “How do hashtags work?” and also provided you with some tips on how to use them on different social media platforms.

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Author: Amanda Knowles