Home Life DIY Organization Hacks To Feel At Ease With Less Stress

Home Life DIY Organization Hacks To Feel At Ease With Less Stress


Home Life DIY Organization Hacks to Feel at Ease with Less Stress

The internet is full of home hacks that promise to help organize your life and reduce your stress through a more organized space. Our list of home hacks covers every room in the house and will allow you to tackle problem areas where you feel most disorganized.

Re-using and upcycling materials to organize your home is a common tactic, and this can help you get organized even if you are on a budget. You may also have some of the materials around your home already, and many elements can be found for free or at a low cost.

Whatever your most unorganized areas are, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Label or color code your organization system, so it's easy to see what things are
  • Avoid clutter by keeping numerous small items out of sight
  • Get creative when decorating to add your personal touch
  • Check out local thrift stores, scrap bins, and dollar stores to find inexpensive supplies

Many organization ideas are easy to implement and will only take a few minutes to complete once you have the materials on hand. We recommend making a list of areas you’d like to organize and tackling them one by one as you have the supplies you need.

Wall and Closet Storage

wall storage

Walls and closets are often overlooked storage options that can provide ample opportunities for organizing if utilized correctly. For storing things on your walls, you'll want to keep in mind how to make it visually appealing, and for closets, you'll want to make sure you're making the most of the space while keeping items easily accessible.

Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

If you have some wooden crates lying around, you can easily screw them into the wall or closet to create floating shelves capable of holding more substantial items like boots, books, bags, picture frames, art and more.

For a finished look, paint the crates coordinating colors and add any other detailed embellishments you wish. As a bonus, you can even put things on top of the crate to get extra storage and functionality out of the space.

Filing Boxes

filing boxes

Filing boxes are inexpensive and are often given away for free. Luckily, these boxes are the perfect size for holding paper grocery bags, unused purses, small clothing items, and other odds and ends such as dog leashes and supplies.

Hanging the filing boxes can be done with screws if you’ll be putting heavy things in them, or foam adhesive tape if you plan to use them for very light objects like paper bags. Clear filing boxes will allow you to see inside quickly, and colored ones are great at hiding odds and ends that can look cluttered.

Organize Your Seasonal Items


Seasonal items have a reputation for creating clutter and being hard to organize, but they don't have to be with a few simple changes. While proper storage containers for closets and walls can help, keeping more frequently used items in check can prove more difficult.

If possible, consider storing items based on the holiday that they are for, or the time of year that you'll be using them. That way you'll be opening a limited amount of your storage and putting things back in their place will be limited by what you need at the time.

Wrapping Paper Storage

wrapping paper storage

Neat Electronics

neat electronics

Electronics are well known for coming with charging cables that end up cluttering the home, getting tripped over, and are often lost. Keeping those cables and your electronics safe and organized is a home hack that can reduce your stress and make keeping your device charged super easy.

Clamping Cord Holder

clamping cord holder

Binder clips are inexpensive and typically come in little boxes of twelve or so. You can buy them in the typical black that is easily found in any office supply store, or colored options are now available.

Clamping these binder clips to the edge of a table or shelf allows you to keep cords from slipping down to the floor when not in use. Simply detach one side of the metal handle part of the clip, insert the cable, and reattach the handle. These clips can be moved as needed and can be bought in different sizes to fit all kinds of surfaces.

Charging Station

charging station

If you have an old baby lotion bottle laying around, you could have the perfect holder for charging your phone and containing the charging cord. Commonly sold platforms can be unstable and frequently detach from the wall or get tripped over. With the lotion bottle, the whole unit stays snug against the wall and contains everything needed to charge your phone.

Cut the lotion bottle so that there is a hole for mounting and a pocket area in the front that is easily accessible. Baby lotion bottles are ideal because of their rounded shape, and ample space for smartphones and the charging cables that go with them. You can wind up the charging cable, slip it inside, plug it in and begin charging your phone.

You can leave the lotion bottle as is, or you can use paint, stickers, paper, or washi tape to add a decorative touch. When cutting the lotion bottle, make sure that all corners are rounded for a finished look that won't poke you when you reach for your phone.

Washi Tape Cord Holder

washi tape cord holder

Old toilet paper tubes make great holders for unused cords and even allow you to decorate or label them easily. If you don’t have a toilet paper tube, you can cut a paper towel tube to size and slip the cord inside for secure storage.

Decorate the outside with washi tape, stickers, or decorative paper for a polished look. Longer cords may need to be folded differently to fit inside of the tubes, but these versatile holders put to use an item that is typically thrown away.

Upcycled Storage Containers


Storage containers for different supplies are something that can be used in every room of the house. Bathroom supplies, craft and office needs, kitchen odds and ends, and even small toy parts are ideal items to have tucked away in labeled containers.

Mason Jars and Tin Cans

mason jars

If you have tin cans or old mason jars around you can use them to hold a variety of items that need to stay close at hand, but still look tidy. Colored pencils, thread, craft supplies, office supplies, and other odds and ends can all be securely stored in these containers that you can decorate yourself.

For the tin cans, simply take some decorative paper of your choice and glue it to the outside of the can. You can then print out labels on regular paper or label paper and attach those as well for quick identification.

For mason jars, you can use them as is, paint them, or slide some paper inside to hide the contents from view.

Old paint cans are another option, as well as old baby food jars and other containers that are the right size for your needs.

Dressing them up with fancy paper, or scraps of fabric can make them look more uniform, and you can change the designs with different paper at any time to better match your decor.

Kitchen Organizers

kitchen organizers

Keeping things organized in the kitchen is an ongoing task that can be significantly aided by a few well-chosen home hacks. Magnetic organizers and repurposed items can help keep your kitchen tidy, so you can easily find what you need.

Magnetic Spice Organizers

spice organizers

If you have small jars around of any size, you can glue magnets to the lids and attach them to magnetic surfaces to hold things such as spices, other small items, and even dog treats. Baby food jars work great, but small mason jars or any other small containers will work as well.

Make sure to get powerful magnets to ensure that the containers will stay firmly in place and not slide down under the weight of what is inside them. To add a finishing touch, cover them with paper, washi tape, or paint and remember to label them clearly so you can quickly access what you need.

CD Holder for Container Lids

container lids

Some home hacks, like this one are not fancy, but repurposing an old CD holder to keep track of container lids can be a great way to keep your kitchen neat and organized. Simply take the old CD holder and load it up with all of your kitchen storage container lids. No need to decorate or spruce it up unless you want to.

Author: Amanda Knowles