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The No. 1 Tip This Holiday Season: Turn Off the Phone and Be Present

happy family opening gifts on Christmas day

A lot of us have become so used to our smartphones that we take them everywhere and can’t resists checking them every couple of minutes. While there’s no doubt that being up to date with everything that happens online is a great benefit when you’re at work and a nice way to destress after a long day, there are moments that are worthy of being celebrated without your smartphone in hand. This holiday season, you should turn off the phone and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. Today, we’re going to show you why that’s a good idea.

Why Turn off the Phone This Holiday Season?

1. You Want to Celebrate Your Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. It’s time to have breakfast with your loved ones and look for presents under the tree. Instead of checking your smartphone to see what other people are doing for Christmas or what kind of gifts they got, focus on enjoying this quality time spent with the people close to you. After all, as much as you like your online friends (or those which you don’t even know in person), you’re not celebrating their Christmas, you’re celebrating yours.

2. Food Tastes Better Without a Filter

We know, the temptation to post pictures of food on Instagram is especially strong during the holiday season. Everything looks so delicious that you can barely resist to share it with your followers. How about instead of making your food look picture perfect for Instagram, you actually take the time to enjoy it? Sometimes, we’re so preoccupied with how our food looks, that we don’t even remember that the important thing is how it tastes and how it makes us feel.

3. It’s Time to Pay Attention to Those Around You

The holiday season should be about family, friends, life partners, and loved ones in general. Since most of us are usually extremely busy, holidays are a great way to reconnect with people and recharge our batteries. Especially if you haven’t seen certain people in your life in a long time, you’re going to want to spend time with them and pay attention to what they’re telling you instead of constantly checking your phone.

4. It’s a Great Time to Make Memories

Speaking of spending the holidays with your loved ones, whenever you’re close to them, no matter if you’re a small group or a large one, you’ll definitely share some lovely moments together. These moments will turn into great memories that you’ll be able to cherish forever. Think about it, two years from now, would you rather remember this Christmas as a time when you had fun with your friends and family, or a time that you spent browsing Facebook?

Even some smartphone companies have noticed how important it is to turn off the phone during the holiday season. For instance, Huawei has a campaign called “Be Present”. The campaign stresses the importance of putting your phone aside and being there for the people you love. They even made an extremely powerful video to advertise this idea. Take a look at it and allow it to inspire you this holiday season.

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Author: Amanda Knowles