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The Definitive List of Highest Paying Jobs 

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Are you looking for a list of the highest paying jobs out there? Most people dream of owning a retreat in the Hamptons, several German machines in the garage, and a yacht to boot. However, for this sort of dream to come true, work is required. Of course, you can circumvent the system if you were born into money.

Luckily, there are tons of high paying careers that you can take on to move you closer to your dreams. Whereas most of these require years of study and on-the-job training, some are in the entry level. Your ability to pick the right career and work hard at it, therefore, will help you a great deal.

According to a recent Glassdoor report, law and medicine are some of the highest paying careers in the world. In the U.S., they remain the top earning professionals. The report was generated after Glassdoor analyzed salary reports sent in anonymously by its users.

There are, however, other highly paying jobs as you will see below:

What is the Highest Paying Job by Profession?

There are tons of professional options. Each of these comes with its own pay grade. Some of them have higher salaries than others. Consider the following highest paying jobs by profession:

  1. Physician

Median Base Salary – $180,000

  1. Lawyer

Median Base Salary – $144,500

  1. Research and Development Manager

Median Base Salary – $142,120

  1. Software Development Manager

Median Base Salary – $132,000

  1. Pharmacy Manager

Median Base Salary – $130,000

  1. Strategy Manager

Median Base Salary – $130,000

  1. Software Architect

Median Base Salary – $128,250

  1. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

Median Base Salary – $127,500

  1. IT Manager

Median Base Salary – $120,000

  1. Solutions Architect

Median Base Salary – $120,000

Number of Job Openings: 2,838

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in America?

In America, the highest paying jobs were in:

  1. Medicine

The top paying jobs in the United States are those done by medical doctors who earn a median base salary of $180,000.

  1. Law

Lawyers, on the other hand, make a median base salary of $144,500. This, of course, depends on the type of law practiced.

  1. Research and Development

R&D managers report earning a median base salary of $142,120. They perform such roles as overseeing staff, leading new partnerships, and improving product design.

  1. Software Development

Software development managers come in fourth with a median base salary of $132,000. Their work involves overseeing and developing the systems behind automated computer programs.

  1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy managers earn a median base salary of $130,000. However, their work requires a doctoral degree and years of experience.

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Who Has the Highest Paying Job?

The highest paying jobs often seem to be taken up by individuals who paid high fees for their college tuition. As such, 7 out of 10 of the highest paid professionals were in the healthcare industry, and required advanced degrees.

This means that, although the best paid experts are usually in the medical field, most of them often have to deal with the expenses associated with 6-figure debt. Still, seeing as how most of them earn a 6 figure salary, dealing with such debt isn’t usually a problem.

Anyway, the highest paying job at the moment is in medicine. More particularly, surgeons and physicians make the most among all of those professionals working in the health care sector.

What are the Highest Paying Medical Jobs?

According to a report ( released by My Plan, the highest paying professionals in the medical field include:

– Anesthesiologists ($258,100)

– Surgeons ($247,520)

– Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons ($233,900)

– Obstetricians and Gynecologists ($222,400)

– Orthodontists ($221,390)

– Radiologists ($197,700)

– Pathologists ($197,700)

– Neurologists ($197,700)

– Allergists and Immunologists ($197,700)

– Urologists ($197,700)

– Preventive Medicine Physicians ($197,700)

– Ophthalmologists ($197,700)

– Hospitalists ($197,700)

– All other Physicians and Surgeons ($197,700)

– Sports Medicine Physicians ($197,700)

– Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians ($197,700)

– Nuclear Medicine Physicians ($197,700)

– Dermatologists ($197,700)

– General Internists ($196,520)

– Psychiatrists ($193,680)

– Family and General Practitioners ($192,120)

What is the Highest Paying Job in the World?

As seen from the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs posted on Investopedia (, the highest paying job in the world is surgery.

Surgeons in all countries around the world happen to command the highest median salary among every career imaginable. This is both within the health care sector and beyond it. The most likely reason behind this global trend revolves around the fact that surgery typically requires highly specialized skills.

Whereas the salaries earned by surgeons on the individual level typically vary, they are all dependent on the particular type of surgery that one does. Anyway, the annual median wage in surgery for 2015 was $352,000. It also came with a projected growth rate of 18% for 10 years.

What are Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree?

If none of the above careers are interesting to you, you shouldn’t worry. After all, there is more to life than being the best paid in the world. Similarly, there are many amazing job opportunities – some of which will only require that you have a high school diploma.

According to data generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US (, the highest paying jobs that you can do without a college degree include:

– Boilermaker ($60,120)

– Claims adjusters, examiners and investigators ($62,980)

– Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers ($64,170)

– Electrical power line installers and repairers ($66,450)

– Gaming managers ($68,380)

– Power plant operators ($71,940)

– Commercial pilots ($76,150)

– Detectives and criminal investigators ($77,210)

– Power distributors and dispatchers ($80,840)

– Elevator installers or repairers ($80,870)

– Nuclear power reactor operators ($88,560)

Where to Find the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

As the creators of the world, engineers design materials, systems, and structures all the while keeping practicality, budgets, and safety regulations in mind. While the tasks they engage in are complex, the rewards they get are incredible.

To find the highest paying engineering jobs, therefore, consider going into the following fields:

  1. a) Aerospace Engineering (Level V) – $119,431
  2. b) Engineering Management – $115,176
  3. c) Materials Engineer (Level III) – $86,773

Where to Find the Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs

There are a several very specific types of entry level positions that also pay well. StartClass conducted research to discover the professions that offer the best rewards to workers in the entry level. According to their findings (, these professionals included:

– Computer hardware engineers

– Airline pilots, copilots and flight attendants

– Aerospace engineers

– Physician assistants

– Physicists

– Computer and information research scientists

– Nurse practitioners

– Computer and information system managers

– Air traffic controllers

– Nurse midwives

– Natural sciences managers

– Chief executives

– Prosthodontists

– Nuclear engineers

– Podiatrists

– Petroleum engineers

– Architectural and engineering managers

– Dentists

– Pharmacists

– Anesthesiologists

– Orthodontists

– Psychiatrists

– General Internists

– Obstetricians and gynecologists

– Family and general practitioners

– Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

– Pediatricians

– Nurse anesthetists

– Surgeons

Where to Find the Highest Paying Part Time Jobs

The part time jobs listed below typically pay more than your average minimum wage. What is more, some don’t even require a degree:

– Tutor

– School bus driver

– Travel agent

– Server at a breakfast restaurant

– Hair stylist

– Secretary

– Mail carrier

– Dental hygienist

– Makeup artist

– Private fitness instructor

– Small-business owner

– Bank teller


Before choosing a specific career path, you might want to consider the fields that are most likely to offer you the greatest satisfaction and personal fulfillment. In case the field you selected offers jobs in any of the high paying occupations listed about, chances are that you will be happy on every count.

However, before you decide to make the move towards the high paying dream career of your choice, think about the bigger picture. Find a job that will allow you to live a happy life with amazing living standards, low tax rates, affordable housing, and a manageable cost of living.

Overall, the lists above keep changing. This is on account of the continuous research conducted to find out who earns the highest salary in various sectors.


Author: Jon Stahl