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3 Great Marketing Campaigns to Learn a Thing or Two From

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Ever since marketing campaigns were invented, we had the chance to see some of the best projects ever. Today we are going to have a look at great marketing campaigns that were created and see what we can learn from them.

Great Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You at Work

1. Virgin – Seize the Holiday

In the recent years, broadcasting live video over social networks has become a real trend. Virgin Holidays is one of the companies that seized the moment and knew how to value it. Their marketing campaign last year relied on a video with various activities. The activities took place in several global destinations, and the images are placed in a fast succession.

What to Learn from Here

An excellent thing to learn from here is to stay connected. Keeping in touch with your client base is great, and so is being up to date in what concerns technology. Don’t lag when it comes to implementing new features.

2. Nike – Margot vs. Lily

Back in January, we could see Nike releasing a series following two sisters, Margot and Lily. They were some long form ads that targeted millennials. It was indeed a risk that the company took, but it ended up one of the great marketing campaigns you need to remember. What was risky was that it relied on some long form ads, which is not that often recommended.

What to Learn from Here

Nike did risk when they decided to go for this idea. However, as it turns out, it was all worth it. We should appreciate their capacity of taking risks but knowing when and how to do it. Also, they know how to target the largest audience, namely the millennials.

3. H&M – Come Together

It’s not easy to choose great marketing campaigns, but it’s surely worth it if you want to learn something. Come Together is a short holiday ad released by H&M. It is directed by Wes Anderson and it resembles his movie, The Darjeeling Limited. The clip features Adrien Brody, who also plays in the movie. What’s fascinating is that there is no product placement involved. The team focused more on the story and the visuals.

What to Learn from Here

There are plenty of things to learn from this brief Christmas ad. Most people wouldn’t have expected H&M to invest so much in their campaign. Also, the topic is rather tangential to their field, which is even more surprising. However, we should admire their creativity and ability to work with professionals from completely different industries, such as Wes Anderson.


The three great marketing campaigns presented above represent the result of a lot of work. Whether we are talking about online, video content or both, it’s important to keep up to date. Keep in touch with your audience and be up to date with the latest technologies and features. Finally, H&M teaches us how to use our creativity and blend together completely different ideas. And what’s to be remembered is the fact that you don’t even need product placement in an ad if the idea behind it is excellent.

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Author: Amanda Knowles