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4 Great Frugal Living Blog Examples to Follow for a Grounded View

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Would you like to live a more frugal life and be able to discipline yourself into spending money only on what is really necessary and useful to you? This is indeed easier said than done, especially with so many temptations surrounding us on a daily basis. You will need a lot of discipline and strength to say no to things you don’t actually need. That is why we thought we should discuss 4 frugal living blog examples that will definitely inspire you to pursue this lifestyle as well. Let’s have a look!

Frugal Living Blog Examples to Keep in Mind

1. Mighty Bargain Hunter

The person who created this frugal living blog, John Wedding, got into bargain hunting in 2005. So he has quite some experience in this area. His blog is filled with posts that include some of the greatest tips when it comes to frugal living. You can learn about ways in which you can save money, or what are some filters that you have to apply in order to live frugally. Anything that might cross your mind, from real estate, to savings, retirement, and so on, you can find on the Mighty Bargain Hunter.

2. The Frugal Girl

Putting forth frugality with a twist, the Frugal Girl is the go to blog if you are also interested in green living. It will teach you how to repurpose things and create cool DIYs. After all, this is another characteristic of being frugal. Kristen Cross, the owner of this blog, says that she has always been aware of how much she has to spend. Moreover, she is satisfied with not having a debt to get out of. So why try to fix something when you can prevent it instead? Take a look at the Frugal Girl and you will see for yourself how content Kristen is. She will definitely inspire you to live a more frugal life.

3. Frugal Village

This blog owned by Rob Laidlaw also covers a lot of topics when it comes to frugality. So there’s a big chance that you will find something that interests you among his posts. From things such as expensive habits and what we waste our money on, to how to shop for school without spending a lot of money, and even where we can go have fun next summer on a budget, Rob is determined to help you live frugally. Plus, there is a forum on his blog where you can interact with other people pursuing this lifestyle and share tips and tricks.

4. Wallet Hacks

Finally, Wallet Hacks is a frugal living blog owned by an expert in this field, namely Jim Wang. He has 10 years of experience in blogging about this topic, which makes him a real authority. His way of writing about saving money is extremely easy to understand and doesn’t require any financial expertise. So if you want to learn how to save some money, be able to limit your spending only on things that matter, or manage to pay your debts, visit Wallet Hacks as soon as possible.

These are only a few of the frugal living blog examples that you can find online, but they are definitely some of the best and most inspiring ones. We hope you agree!

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Author: Amanda Knowles