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Goodbye Email to Coworkers – How to and Why It’s Worth It

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Leaving a job represents an important step in our lives, whether we are talking simply about switching to a new workplace or retiring. It may not be an easy task to write a goodbye email to coworkers, but it is definitely an effort that is worth it. Why so? Because it is a great way of ensuring you keep in touch with the people you worked with, as well as keeping them in your network. And that is useful even if you switch jobs. But let’s see a brief guide on how to write it!

  • Make sure it’s official. Before sending any goodbye email to coworkers after resignation, make sure that everything is official. You wouldn’t want to get back to each and every colleague and tell them it was a mistake, wouldn’t you?
  • Send it before you leave. It is recommended to send the last day work email a day or two before actually leaving. Allow for enough time for all your colleagues to say your goodbye. However, send it after you’re mostly done with your last tasks for the day, so that you can focus on the goodbyes at the end.
  • Choose individual messages. Individual messages are always preferred to a mass message. Include the name of each person and something specific about your relationship, such as an anecdote or something personal. Send a goodbye message only to people you worked with.
  • Thank everyone. The best farewell email also includes some thanks at the end. Express your gratitude for all the mentorship and help. Moreover, don’t forget to mention how you enjoyed the entire experience, but only if this is true.
  • Offer contact information. Offer your former colleagues information on how they can contact you from now on. Leave a non-work email address and a phone number. This might help you not only personally, but also professionally.
  • Don’t be too long. A couple paragraphs should be more than enough to say everything you need to say. Add some thanks, a contact information, maybe even some plans for the future and that’s it. People are not generally interested to read an email that is too long.
  • Be positive. Even if you have had a conflict or you are not leaving on good terms, it would be best to leave it all behind. Remember that the goal of the letter is to keep in touch with your ex-coworkers, and leaving a bad impression doesn’t match with this.
  • Edit the message. Even if it appears that your goodbye email to coworkers is perfect, take your time and read it again. You don’t want your last message to be full of mistakes, right?


The goodbye message to coworkers is the last impression you will make on them. Make sure it is correctly written, positive and that it contains all your information. Check if the email address and phone number are the right ones, since your goal, after all, is to stay in touch and keep people in your circle of friends. Don’t overdo it and keep it as short as possible! Most likely you know how to write a formal email, but make sure this one has a personal nuance.

Author: Amanda Knowles