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Having Multiple Generations in the Workplace Can Be a Growth Factor

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Certain companies tend to hire more millennials than baby boomers or people from generation X. The truth is that having multiple generations in the workplace is something you should definitely embrace. Since every generation is different, it has its own set of skills, knowledge, and views. Thus, your company is going to be able to enjoy tremendous diversity if you hire people from all age groups. If you need convincing that this is a great idea, read on for some awesome benefits of having people from different generations work in your company.

The older generations have as much to learn from millennials as millennials have from them.

The Benefits of Multiple Generations in the Workplace

1. Skill Diversity

As we’ve already mentioned, generation X typically has a different set of skills than millennials. This can only be great news for people who decide to hire from both generations. Why? Because they’ll be able to enjoy both types of skills. You can be sure that every generation has something valuable they can bring to your company. Consequently, the company will be able to tackle every situation in a successful way.

For instance, younger people tend to be more technology-savvy. This can work wonders for your online presence and social media visibility. Baby boomers or people from generation X might do better at interpersonal communication, which is unavoidable in the business world. Having both types of skills is a great advantage. Especially for a company that is looking to attract customers from all age groups.

2. Mentoring and Continuous Growth

Another great benefit of having employees from multiple age groups is the fact that they can act as mentors for each other. The first thing to remember is that mentors don’t necessarily have to be people from generation X or baby boomers. The older generations have as much to learn from millennials as millennials have from them. This means that your employees can constantly support each other. They can learn new things from one another, and mentor each other in order to reach their best possible version. If you place knowledge and experience first, no matter the age of the person, you’re going to encourage a positive and productive workplace atmosphere.

3. Balance and Company Continuity

A workplace that hires people from all age groups is likely to be more balanced than one which only sticks to a certain employee age group. That’s because employees will temper each other and achieve a balance. For instance, while millennials might constantly push for innovation, new practices, strategies, and products, baby boomers will remind people that sometimes it’s better to stick to the basics and to what made the company popular. Since both approaches can be equally valuable, finding a balance between them might be precisely what your company needs in order to grow and develop. Furthermore, by hiring diverse employees, you can make sure that your company will never run the risk of becoming obsolete.

We hope today’s guide has managed to prove how important and beneficial it can be to have multiple generations in the workplace. Don’t hesitate to hire people from all age groups and encourage them to work together!

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Author: Amanda Knowles