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3 Fun Staff Meeting Ideas to Make Your Team More Productive

fun staff meeting ideas

Creativity at work can be quite a paradox. Especially when you’re in a meeting. You have to sit in a usually cramped and stuffy office with 20 to 25 other people listening to someone drone on about projects that, 80 percent of the time are not your own. However, if you’re a young manager or entrepreneur, you can put a stop to this old-fashioned way of doing things. Here are three fun staff meeting ideas that your employees will actually love.

1. Is There Really Need to Be Inside?

Always consider the weather before calling everyone in for a meeting. Is it a breezy spring morning, perfect for a walk? A warm summer’s day, a cool and crisp autumn day when the leaves are falling or is snow gracefully falling over the city? All of these weather conditions can be the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic meeting. There is really no need to be inside when the weather is this good. Plus, wintry weather will force you to be brief.

2. The Upside-Down Method

Are you having trouble getting your employees to speak up during meetings and come up with ideas? Here’s a solution for you. Call one or two trial meetings where you do everything the other way around. For example, if you have a business that is based on sales, don’t ask them what you could do to up the sales. Instead, ask everyone what could be done to lower them. Or to drive all the customers away. Or the create the most awful ad campaign ever.

You will be surprised just how easily they will start to contribute and speak up. Then, when they are familiar with each other and no longer afraid to talk in public, you can hold your regular meetings.

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3. Boards and Spray Paint

Ok, this one’s a bit of a cheat because it doesn’t actually happen at the meeting per se. However, it’s what you do to prepare for it. These fun staff meeting ideas will not only get everyone’s motor working, but they will also save you some time during the meeting itself. A week or so before the day of the conference, set up a pin board, a whiteboard, a Trello Board or even a brick wall.

Arm your employees with markers, pins or spray cans. Allow them to pin, write or spray ideas for the topic of the meeting on the board or wall. They have a lot of time to do so, they can get as creative as they want, and they will have fun doing it. Apart from that, this method allows for a certain intimacy which might lead to them expressing their creativity a lot better than simply speaking aloud in front of people. Later during the meeting, you can discuss all the ideas on the board.

There are many more funs staff meeting ideas, but we advise you to begin with these and make your way from here. It’s important to use approaches that are tailored to the type of company you run, which means you have to be creative and think of some yourself. In the meantime, let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite from our list!

Author: Amanda Knowles