Benefits of Joining the Freelancers Union (If Unaffiliated)

Benefits of Joining the Freelancers Union (If Unaffiliated)

freelancer enjoying the benefits of joining the freelancers union

The Freelancers Union bands together legions of workers from all over the place. But is it a positive thing? Although employee unions appeared and soared in popularity back in the Industrial Age, that doesn’t mean they are obsolete nowadays. Quite the contrary.

It’s true, there has been more than one attempt to push them outside the law, but to no success. Luckily for all of us, worker unions are still standing strong and trying to push their members’ agenda. One, in particular, is famous for doing so – the Freelancers Union. Therefore, what are the benefits of joining this union?

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Freelancers Union?

#1. The Freelancers Union gives all its members priority access to all its projects and prospective jobs. And if priority sounds good, how does exclusive sound? Even better. If so, then you will be interested to know that the Freelancers Union offers that too.

Even if many listings are public, members of the Union will always prefer other members if they are trying to find a freelancer for a job.

#2. The Freelancers Union offers access to health benefits. If and when you become a member of this Union, you will have the fantastic opportunity of buying your preferred health insurance at a group rate. What does this mean? It translates into amazing deals on the fees which you have to pay every month, as well as lowered deductibles.

Did we mention the possibility of choosing among many health care plans? Because the Freelancers Union has that too.

#3. Discounts intended for members. This idea builds on the one above. In the same way in which your union can negotiate and get marvelous deals for healthcare plans and insurances, it can do it for other amenities as well. They include all the products and services a freelancer typically needs.

In fact, the equation is quite simple here. The larger the union, the better and more numerous the benefits will be for all the members.

#4. The Freelancers Union will always provide support for your business. Even though you are a freelancer, you mustn’t forget that you are, in fact, running a business. It is a small one, indeed, and you might be the sole employee, but it’s still a business.

Building on this idea, the Union strives to provide you with advice and support on how to keep your operations running smoothly. Practically speaking, the Freelancers Union will provide you access to articles which you will find relevant as far as business growth goes, to industry research, as well as to training.

Joining the Freelancers Union means taking a proactive approach toward your freelancing career. It will also give you the feeling of belonging to a team which is an idea highly missed when self-employed.

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Author: Amanda Knowles