Pros and Cons to Freelance Jobs for Millennials

Pros and Cons to Freelance Jobs for Millennials

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A national survey performed by the Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk shows that approximately 34 percent of the entire workforce in the US is engaged in freelancing. Apart from that, the study also shows that millennials are more likely to take up a job in this department than senior workers. With that in mind, are there any pros and cons to freelance jobs for millennials?

The Pros and Cons to Freelance Jobs for Millennials


#1. It can be exciting to work as a freelancer, seeing as you get to choose what projects you undertake.

#2. Your work can have a positive impact, which will make you feel accomplished from a professional point of view. It will also get you feeling happier at the end of the day.

#3. If you don’t like the jobs available for you in the market, you can always turn to freelance jobs and take your pick.

#4. Freelance jobs are also suited for millennials who don’t like the idea of working for a boss or submitting to a particular, regular schedule.

#5. You can transform any place you like into your so-called office space. This includes a coffee shop, the park, or your private bedroom.


#1. Millennials may succumb to failure when it comes to freelance jobs because they fail to grasp the following idea. They need to be available to their clients at all times.

#2. Freelance jobs don’t allow for much vacation or breaks during working hours. While we’re on the topic of vacation, you should also know that there is no such thing as a paid vacation with freelance jobs.

#3. Not having a boss might seem like a pro in the beginning. However, millennials soon come to discover that being self-employed requires a lot of discipline. Needless to say, not many have it and fall behind with their work.

#4. The income which comes from freelance jobs is always inconsistent. You need to be aware of this situation. You also need to be prepared to handle this money roller-coaster.

#5. If you are a freelancer and want to buy a house or get a loan from a bank, you might have trouble. They will ask for proof that you have a steady income. Freelance jobs are the opposite of that.

Freelance jobs go beyond the traditional career path. They have their pros and cons as well as their advantages and disadvantages. One thing is sure about them – not everyone is cut out for a freelancing job. Therefore, you need to think it through before you take this road.

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Author: Amanda Knowles