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10 Facts About Instagram Every Business Should Know

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Instagram is one of the hottest trends nowadays when it comes to the online world. Ever since its acquisition by Facebook back in 2012, it has seen an incredible growth, the number of adult users in the U.S. doubling ever since. But let’s see some more facts about Instagram that can help your business.

Facts about Instagram that Are Useful for Your Business

1. More than Half of the 18- to 29-Year-Olds in America Use It

The exact percent is 55, so if you’re targeting this audience, you can’t skip having such an account. Remember that most of them spend a lot of time on the app, so advertising there is essential.

2. More Female Users

According to the statistics, there are more female users on Instagram then male. 31% of the women who are present on the Internet use it, in comparison to only 21% of men. This means that 68% of the accounts on the platform belongs to women.

3. Plenty of Wealthy Users

One of the most surprising facts about Instagram is the fact that 56% of the users there make at least $50,000 a year. What’s more, 26% make at least $75,000 a year. This can give you a clue about the categories of people who are using the platform. Moreover, you can even do some research and find out what their occupations are and what is the profile of a typical Instagram user.

4. A Very Popular App

Just as we said in the beginning, Instagram has become one of the most successful apps. There are 400 million daily active users. When it comes to the active monthly users, the number stops at 700 million, which is truly impressive.

5. A Good Source of Global Mobile Revenue

In 2017 only, Instagram amounted to $1.3 billion of the global mobile ad revenue. This equals to 8.4% of the global mobile ad revenue. Specialists expect it to rise by 18% by next year.

6. It’s Important to Teenagers

According to various studies, 32% of the teenagers see Instagram as the most important social network of the moment. Because of this, many businesses try to advertise their products or services there.

7. Millions of Google Searches

Every day, there are more than 16,000,000 searches made on Google for “Instagram”. This means that the interest for this social network is peaking.

8. Half of the Users Check It Daily

Other studies have shown that 51% of the Instagram users check out the platform every day. Meanwhile, 35% of them claim that they open it several times a day to see the new content.

9. Most Popular Hashtags

If you have an Instagram account for your business, you should know which are the most popular hashtags for marketing: #business #tech #giveaway #discount #travel #dear #smallbiz #social #branding #socialmedia #sales #entrepreneur etc.

10. Almost Half of the Brands Are Here

Studies have shown that 48.8% of the brands are found on Instagram. Experts claim that the number should reach 70.7% by the end of this year.


All in all, it’s clear that this social platform is on the high rise, and the facts about Instagram showed above prove it. Social media is a competition, and those who are not present on it seem not to exist to most of the audience. As such, you should consider creating a business Instagram account if you don’t have one already. If you do, learn how to increase Instagram followers.

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Author: Amanda Knowles