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Facebook Marketing: 6 Tips and Tricks

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Having started as a social media platform, Facebook is slowly, but surely becoming a marketing and business tool. Perhaps the best advantage, if you decide to use it for this purpose, is the fact that it offers an amazing longevity. However, this is also a struggle: what can you post that’s new and exciting all the time? Thankfully, today we will help you with some Facebook marketing tips and tricks.

Facebook Marketing Ideas to Help You Out

1. Think about Timing

One of the most important things to keep in mind when posting on Facebook is the timing. Have a look at your own audience, see who you want to reach. For example, a student has a different schedule for checking his profile than a parent or a business man. Trial and error is a great way of finding out the right time. However, as a general advice, the best days for posting are Thursday and Friday.

2. Include Images

You know that old saying, an image is worth 1000 words? This is true particularly when it comes to Facebook marketing. Users want instant content, and reading a lot makes them scroll past your posts. Include images to attract them and try to keep words to a minimum. Some professional tips would be to focus on people’s faces and on the emotions your picture is sending.

3. Facebook Contests

Ever since the invention of Facebook, contests have been a great way of attracting an audience. People are drawn by the chance of winning things, and if it’s something valuable, even better. A T-shirt or a mug with a special and representative message may not cost a lot for you, but it can attract a huge audience. According to the statistics, 21% of people like a page if they have free giveaways.

4. Boost the Posts

This is quite a controversial Facebook marketing tip. However, boosting a post can help you reach your target audience more easily. It’s important to define first your target audience, and then you can invest some money in boosting a certain post. Choose the post carefully, since it must be interesting and attractive. Remember to include a picture!

5. Use the Insights

Many people ignore the Insights section when administering their Facebook page. However, there is where the important data lies. This is the place where you come to see the kind of content your audience likes, what they don’t like and where should you head to. Moreover, in this way you can learn more about who your audience is and what they engage on specifically.

6. Offer Unique Content

It may seem an easy Facebook marketing tip, but not everybody respects it. The Internet is full of the same recirculated content, so it’s essential to bring new and unique content. Still wondering why is creativity important?


The Facebook marketing tips presented above are just a couple of suggestions. There are plenty of other ideas which you can use to boost your page, but the idea here is to start small. Remember to be creative, to attract people to your page through contests and original content and to post at the right time!

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Author: Amanda Knowles