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A Guide to Facebook Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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Discover the truth about Facebook lead generation and it has changed the game. Learn why you should be using Facebook lead ads for your business and how to make the most out of them.

In the ancient times, AKA 2014, generating leads online was a slow and not particularly effective way of getting sales leads. Landing pages and lead magnets did their best, but their conversion rate was never stellar, especially by today’s standards.

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Fortunately for the online marketers out there, Facebook launched their own brand of lead ads in 2015 and changed the game forever.

Facebook created ads specifically for lead generation and implemented them on the third most used website in the world.

This, understandably, turned the world of online marketing on its head and these Facebook lead generation ads are a new industry standard. But what exactly are they?

How are they different than normal ads and what can you do to make the most out of your Facebook lead ads? That’s what we are here to find out!

Facebook Lead Generation: The Basics

Let's start at the beginning. Lead generation is a tried and true business practice that increase sales by creating interest in a product or service. At its core, lead generation makes a list of interested consumers.

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These consumers can then receive alerts to new offers, sales or developments. The list also helps give you insight into the type of people who showed interest in your brand and what they are about, so you know where to advertise.

Sure you want to get your business in front of the eyes of as many people as possible, but your time and money are better spent focused on closing the deal with interested parties.

The alternative is "cold traffic," or consumers who are not aware of or even interested in what you are selling. You might get a few sales from them, but those with interest and need already are a more reliable and sizable consumer base.


Why Lead Generation?

So why is lead generation even worth it? First of all, it is more cost effective than most other marketing techniques. These days, generating a lead is as simple as getting an email address, and if that sounds easy, that's because it is.

Closing the deal right away requires more cost and effort; if it were easy to get people to spend their money, marketers would be out of their jobs. Giving an email address is easy and lacks any real commitment.

Think of it as a one night stand versus a wedding. It takes a lot less effort to get swipes on tinder than a wedding ring. Lead generation also creates brand loyalty and helps spread the word. How can ads build brand loyalty?

Well, once you have your list of leads and their email addresses, you regularly send out a mailing list with offers, information, and special deals.

This keeps your brand fresh in the mind of consumers who are not as responsive to brands they see for the first time. The devil you know is always preferable, especially if that devil has a good blog and sends out coupon codes often.


What’s the Deal with Facebook Lead Ads?

OK, so you’re sold on lead generation, how does Facebook help? Facebook lead generation at first glance look like regular old banner ads that link you to a landing page or even a sale page right off the bat.

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These ads, though, are different. First and foremost you should optimize them for mobile, which is vital in today’s e-commerce. The differences run much deeper, however.

When a user scrolling through Facebook clicks or taps on a Facebook lead ad, they are immediately taken to a questionnaire right there on the page or in the app. No more linking to an outside site to do business.

You would (or, depending on your level of experience in online marketing, wouldn’t) be surprised how many people abandon an ad after clicking on it if they have to wait for more than a couple seconds, so not even leaving Facebook to fill out this survey is crucial.

The survey asks for an email address for your lead, of course, but it also can ask more specific questions or even custom questions written by you, the business behind the ad. In this way, you can get a treasure trove of information about potentially interested customers along with the sales lead.

The consumer gets a quick and easy way to stay informed about products and services they like, and Facebook gets a fee from you plus a copy of all the information you just got. Everybody wins!

This is an oversimplification, of course. These ads can be much more complex and you can customize them to target for things like signing up for a newsletter, an e-book, price quotes for your product or service, over the phone follow-up calls, exchanging general business information and more.

The internet titan that is Facebook makes it easy for your business to succeed, so you can continue to generate revenue and information for them.

Why Use Facebook Lead Generation?

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So, what are the tangible benefits of Facebook lead generation? There are several.

First, it helps raise awareness to one of the largest audiences on the planet. Like, nearly 2 billion people large. Only two websites in the world, Google and YouTube, have larger audiences ad their ads are arguably less intuitive.

They also help target customers who like what you're selling using Facebook’s enormous vault of information.

You can tell Facebook who you are looking for as customers and they can put your ad in front of them and similar groups of people who may also be interested that you didn’t even think of.

In some cases, the questionnaire they fill out from the lead ad is already mostly done because it is filled in with information that the consumer has already shared with Facebook voluntarily like age, email address and so on.

This is a huge boost as the less effort and barriers involved in the process, the more likely the consumer is to follow through.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Facebook Lead Ads

Making a Facebook lead generation ad requires you to have a Facebook page for your business, of course, and from there the process is relatively simple. However, there are many extra features and capabilities that would take an entirely new article to explain.

If you need an in-depth instructional guide, Facebook itself has written volumes on how to use their ad service to create advertisements for your business. So instead we are going to focus here on general tips to improve the quality and effectiveness of your Facebook lead generation.

  • Know Your Target Consumers

You can’t tell Facebook who you want your ads to target if you don’t know yourself. Research is required to find out just which demographics would be interested in your product or service.

There are mountains of data points you can focus on like age, gender, location, family status, entertainment interests, hobbies and even more obscure ones like spoken languages or medical history.

There’s no such thing as too much information when you are marketing online. Fortunately for you, there are online hoards of information where consumers discuss and give our this information for free.

Social media websites like Twitter and of course Facebook are full of groups and conversations wherein consumers discuss topics and needs that they have.
By monitoring these and online forums, you can find out which products and services are important to whom and more importantly, who is interested in yours.

Using this information, you can not only target demographics better, but you can also make better ads.

When you find out what is important to your potential customers, you can craft ads that will get and hold their attention. You can't tell them what they want to hear or give them what they want if you don't know what those things are.

  • Give Them Free Stuff

Consumers are fickle people. Well, people are fickle people. These days especially, they expect something for their effort, even if that effort is something so simple as filling out a questionnaire.

Offer something for free to anyone who fills out the questionnaire. It could be free literature, a coupon, a quote or even a free sample. People will be more likely to click on something that is offering to give them something as opposed to one that asks for money.

You’ll leave a much better taste in someone’s mouth if, after they have completed your lead generation survey, they receive something for their time.

This builds loyalty and recognition while at the same time spreads awareness if those consumers tell their friends and family how they used that free thing you gave them.

  • Start Small 

For your first outing, start small regardless of how excited you are. Don’t throw your entire marketing budget into your first Facebook ad campaign because despite having a lot of information, mistakes can still be made. 

Experiment, use trial and error and keep collecting data about what works what doesn’t. It’s powerful, but not perfect.

Author: Jon Stahl