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4 Facebook Advertising Tips from Experts to Help You Grow Your Business

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Even though all the social media platforms now have their very own integrated systems for advertising, Facebook is still king when it comes to the audience, insights, and its features. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and own a business, Facebook is definitely the place to start. With this thought in mind, we sought the help of professionals and gathered four Facebook advertising tips that will help you grow your business.

1. Use Facebook Audience Insights | Samuel Edwards

The first idea on our list of Facebook advertising tips comes from Samuel Edwards, the amazing digital marketing strategist. He advises us to start using Facebook Audience Insights as soon as possible. The reason is simple enough. It’s a fantastic little tool that the social media giant has put at your disposal so that you can learn all you need to know about your targeted audience before you start spending your budget.

2. Red Shirts for the Win | Kim Walsh Phillips

Kim Walsh Phillips, the author of Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business and CEO of Elite Digital Group, has this to say. If you’re using a person in your ad, dress him or her in a red shirt. According to the studies she has done, this strategy actually works 75 percent of the time. It attracts the eye and compels people to more clicking.

3. What Time Should You Post? | Jason Parks

This is something you’ve always been confused about. We know that. But Jason Parks, founder/CEO of The Media Captain, which is a digital marketing agency, is here to help you out. When it comes to Ads Manager, you have a few options called breakdown and By Time. This is where you can segment traffic. It usually goes by day or by week, by-weekly or monthly.

The fantastic Jason Parks says that if for example, you see that your traffic is very low during the night segment, then you need to reschedule it. In this way, your ads will appear during high times of the day.

4. Videos Are Huge | Adam Callinan

It’s no secret, as Adam Callinan says, that in the past period of time, Facebook has been pushing a lot for videos instead of the classic static photo. However, you need to view this as an opportunity. It ultimately means that you get to present more content to your customer base while investing less.

If you do decide to use videos, Adam, who is the founder at BottleKeeper, advises going for very short ones. They should never be more than 25 seconds. The thumbnail should be a still image that captivates the audience and grabs attention. It has to motivate people to watch your video. Don’t choose it at random.

There are many Facebook advertising tips out there, but when you go directly to experts and young entrepreneurs such as Adam Callinan, Jason Parks, Kim Walsh Phillips, and Samuel Edwards, you cannot go wrong. Try them all out and let us know in the comment section below which one has worked best for you.

Author: Amanda Knowles