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4 Experts Advise You on How to Cope with Change

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Some people adapt to change fast, while others are stuck contemplating what will happen now that things are different, and allow themselves to get filled by anxiety at this thought. If you’re one of the people who don’t know how to cope with change, then this article is perfect for you. Today, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks from 4 experts on coping with life changes and transitions and not allowing them to overwhelm you. Let’s have a look, shall we?

4 Expert Views on How to Cope with Change

1. Turn It Around

Most often than not, people fear change because they actually fear its results. They’re afraid things are going to change for the worst. As a result, they allow this fear to cloud their judgement and stop them from considering what could actually go right. Expert psychologist Dr. Julie Zelig advises people to cope with change by thinking about possible positive outcomes. It’s all about reframing the situation you’re in. If you think this is a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to add a “but”. For example, “but it can also be an opportunity to develop”.

2. Schedule “Worry Time”

If we would live in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about worrying all the time. Since this is not the case, you can at least learn to control the moments when you allow yourself to be worried. Jacquelyn Smith, content strategy director at Flexjobs recommends scheduling a time interval each day in which you’re free to focus on what makes you scared and on how you could overcome your fears. Since worrying too much might interfere with your productivity at work, Smith advises to choose an interval after work hours.

3. Seek Help

Sometimes, we encounter situations that we can’t get through by ourselves. Author, speaker, and life coach Martha Beck underlines the importance of seeking help from someone who has gone through a similar thing. Most people have had to deal with change at some point in their lives. This means you might end up finding someone who can help you. If this is not the case, Beck says, you’re always free to seek professional help, such as therapy.

4. Consider New Opportunities

When something major changes in our life, we tend to focus more on what we had and lost, than on what could be ahead of us. This is completely normal. Especially if you were used to doing something that you simply can’t do anymore, it can feel as if you’re mourning someone. Professor of Health Psychology at Staffordshire University, Karen Rodham urges people to shift their focus from what they’ve lost to what they could do in the future. For example, have you lost your job and the world seems to be crumbling around you? Why not consider volunteering or taking up a hobby you’ve always wanted to but never got the chance?

We hope these 4 expert tips on how to cope with change have provided you with the inspiration you needed to stop looking at the past and start gazing towards the future.

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Author: Amanda Knowles