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5 Expert Tips on How to Be Trending on Twitter in no Time

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Being active on Twitter is one of the best ways in which you can build a name for your brand. That is because nowadays, most people have Twitter accounts. Moreover, once they get familiarized with your company, they will immediately look you up online. Since you want to be in control of what they see when they google you, you should invest some time in opening up a Twitter account. Once you do that, you will want to draw your customers’ attention even more. A good way to do that is by trending. Here are 5 tips on the basics of trending on Twitter, coming from experts in the field.

Trending on Twitter 101 – Expert Advice

1. Build an Identity

According to media specialist Will McInnes, you should pay attention not to make your posts completely scattered and unrelated to one another. When you open up a Twitter account, especially one representing your company, make sure and stick to tweeting things in your area of expertise. That is how you build a specific group of followers and make sure you provide them with what they were expecting from you.

2. Don’t Advertise, Inform

We know one of the main reasons why you created a Twitter account is to get people interested in your products and/or services. However, that doesn’t mean that you should use Twitter as a platform for advertisement. Think about it, people go on Twitter to read interesting posts from areas that interest them. The last thing they want to see is a dozen posts of you advertising yourself. Marketing consultant Lee Odden advises you to tweet and retweet useful and interesting information about what you want people to remember you by.

3. Lead Conversations

Now, whenever there are relevant conversations in your field of interest, you should try to be as involved as possible. At some point, you should be leading the conversation. Social media director Matt Navarra thinks you should be an important part of whatever goes viral on Twitter. Remember, your main goal is to learn how to be trending. Influencing and dominating a viral conversation is definitely one way to go.

4. Share and Engage

Marketing and sales strategist David Meerman Scott believes that 85% of your activity on Twitter should be made up of sharing posts that you find relevant and informative. Furthermore, only 10% of your posts should have original content. Finally, as we’ve already mentioned above, focus on talking about your company only around 5% of the time.

5. Don’t Only Tweet Things Once

Benjamin Rey, who works as a research engineer at Yahoo! Labs, has devised a study that shows you shouldn’t be afraid of tweeting the same type of information more than once. Actually, your second or third tweet might have more success than the first one ever had. However, make sure that even though the information is approximately the same, the way you phrase it and the pictures you use are not.

We hope these expert tips and tricks on how to be trending on Twitter will provide you with some inspiration the next time you decide to put yourself and your company out there in the online world.

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Author: Amanda Knowles