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6 Examples of Soft Skills You Need to Grow in Yourself

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For those of you who may not know, the term ‘soft skills’ refers to the attributes required for someone to succeed in a certain workplace. No matter the field you’re working in, you may be using at least some of these attributes. Today we are going to have a look at some examples of soft skills that you should work on achieving if you don’t own them already.

6 Examples of Soft Skills You Should Have

1. Negotiating

Many people think that negotiating skills is necessary only for people who work in sales. However, this is an important skill that helps you get over conflicts at work, for instance. And we all know that conflicts appear regardless of the field you’re working in. Part of knowing how to negotiate is to be persuasive and to influence the rest of the people, so if you can’t do it, for now, you should work on it.

2. Flexibility

Yet again, this is one of the examples of soft skills that will be useful anywhere you work. In our modern age, things are changing fast, which means that a good employee needs to know how to adapt. Of course, this also translates to being able to acquire some hard skills as well. Moreover, most employers nowadays are looking for open-minded people, so pay attention to that.

3. Time Management

This third example has become essential in the recent years, along with the rise of all sorts of distracting apps and games. Managing your time correctly and fitting all the tasks required for the day can be essential for your job. Luckily, there are plenty of apps and ways of timing yourself and scheduling tasks.

4. Working under Pressure

Demanding deadlines and high-priority projects that come in at the last minute are often a part of the job. Recruiters appreciate a lot people who can work under pressure and resist to a lot of stress. If you work in management, you will also need to sport a decisive attitude, as well as a capacity to compartmentalize.

5. Solving Problems

Once again, we see another soft skill that will help you in any field: problem-solving. Besides having analytical skills, it’s important to keep your cool when a problem appears. And this is a trait that most recruiters are on the look for. If you’re too emotional and get lost when something happens, you should practice ignoring your feelings and staying focused on the solution.

6. Teamwork

The last of our examples of soft skills relies on knowing how to work well with other colleagues. This means you must leave aside your personal relationships and work together for the common goal. You may need to use your empathy and listening skills as well.


These are just a couple of the soft skills you will need if you want to succeed in your workplace. They don’t apply only to one field, but you may find yourself in various situations that require your use of them. It’s perfect if you already have them, but if not, you should think about improving your abilities and learning some more.

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Author: Amanda Knowles