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5 Examples of Servant Leadership to Inspire You

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A person who is a servant leader manages to lead others by serving them. Simply put, they think of other’s people interests and needs before their own. In general, they appreciate the development of their own followers, sharing the power inside a community, etc. Today we are going to have a look at some examples of servant leadership.

Examples of Servant Leadership to Motivate You

1. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King is one of the most famous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Maybe he didn’t always intend to become so, but he had always proven a sense of equality. He always thought of other people’s needs first, and this helped him build a strong legacy for future generations. What is impressive about his career is the fact that he showed it is possible to make a difference in this world by having a serving and humble perspective. Many people listen to this day to his speeches for some inspiration.

2. Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is yet another example of servant leadership we should look up to. He himself declared that he is just a humble servant who has a passion for his people. Moreover, he always wanted his people to enjoy equality. And these weren’t just words, but he stood up to his beliefs even in harsh conditions. Mandela held his speeches on the streets, endangering himself, and even went to prison.

3. Mahatma Gandhi

One of the bravest things Mahatma Gandhi did was to oppose the British authorities in his time. However, he believed that serving other people is a good way of losing oneself. He protested peacefully by employing methods such as discourses with logical reasoning, fasting, etc. And despite the skeptics, his ideas won and India became free of colonialism. Even though he did not aim to become famous, he is known all throughout the world thanks to his work.

4. Mother Teresa

She is famous for having so much faith and serving other people all her life. Like other leaders from this category, there are people who criticize her as well. However, nobody can deny the generosity behind her efforts of helping others. Moreover, she never looked for personal fame, even though she had some controversial opinions. Today, many people consider her a saint and see her life as a miracle.

5. Albert Schweitzer

The last one of our examples of servant leadership is Albert Schweitzer. He had a very strong faith and believed a lot in the words of Christ. He even took his wife and went to cure thousands of people in Africa. What’s more, he traveled for miles in a row just to reach a single patient.


Servant leadership doesn’t have to be taken to extremes. However, it does involve a certain amount of sacrifices, as we can see in the examples above. From Martin Luther King, Jr. to Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela, they all have one thing in common: caring about other people more than themselves.

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Author: Amanda Knowles