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6 Great Examples of Personal Branding

Michelle Obama as a personal branding example

The thing about a killer personal brand is that it doesn’t happen overnight. As much as it looks like it does. There is a lot of work that goes in creating what you perceive as a truly remarkable brand, recognized worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean that only some people can become a brand. You can too, if you know how to become a visible and inspiring presence. And because we want to help you out, we have prepared a list of 6 personal branding examples that can teach you some tips and tricks about how to become a brand yourself. Let’s see what they are!

Personal Branding Inspiration

1. Danielle Laporte

Perhaps one of the most visible personal branding examples, Danielle Laporte is not only a published writer, she also has her own blog, collaborates with the television show Connect with Mark Kelley, gives advice to young entrepreneurs, and also has a great Twitter profile. She has built her personal branding by being fearless and constantly involving herself in new things.

2. Michelle Obama

You might think it was actually easy for Michelle Obama to become a brand, since she is the First Lady of the United States, but if you follow her career, you can tell that she worked a lot to get where she is today. She personally connected with many people, started many campaigns and initiatives, participated in many events, each more varied than the other, and gave a lot of inspiring speeches. So it is no wonder that so many people love and admire her.

3. Jamie Oliver

We probably don’t have to tell you who Jamie Oliver is. That is the first sign that he knows how to build his personal brand. He has published books, given an inspiring TED Talk, and started a project that wants to bring better lunches to schools. Plus, he still has time for his website and Twitter profile, which keep his personal brand visible at all times.

4. Jonathan Fields

When you say Jonathan fields, you say entrepreneur, best-selling author, and media producer. He writes about personal development, and it is quite clear that he knows what he’s talking about. But his amazing personal branding tactic doesn’t stop here. He is visible in the podcast world as well, where he was a show featuring various guests. Last but not least, he has both a Twitter profile, and a really great website full of beautiful visuals.

5. Jenny Blake

This truly inspiring woman has found many great ways to develop her personal brand. Some include writing a book, blogging, coaching people in business, and giving inspiring talks that motivate even the most unmotivated of people. Plus, somehow, she also has time to be a yoga instructor. Suffice to say that her Twitter profile and incredible website speak for themselves when it comes to personal branding.

6. Joshua Fields Millburn

If you are into minimalism, then Joshua Fields Millburn’s personal brand will definitely speak to you. He is one of the writers at The Minimalists, his website follows the same pattern, and he has some really amazing photos featured there. However, he expanded his brand by also writing books and being an active presence on Twitter.

We hope these remarkable examples of personal branding have provided you with the inspiration you need to start building your own recognizable brand. If you put a lot of work and dedication into the job, there is no reason why you can’t succeed.

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Author: Amanda Knowles