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Influencers Give 5 Examples of Leadership Skills Every Leader Should Have

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Leadership is a field often considered complicated and hard. However, it is essential for a good business and, ultimately, for a good industry. Today we are going to see a couple of examples of leadership skills that are necessary for every leader, in some entrepreneurs’ opinion.

Examples of Leadership Skills You Should Pay Attention To

1. Leading by Example

John Rampton talked about preparing children to become future leaders. In this context, he claims that it’s important to teach them how to set a good example. In his opinion, leading by example is key to having a balance between personal and business roles. Rampton is an online marketing guru, a startup enthusiast, as well as an entrepreneur and investor. Having been named #3 in Top 50 Online Influencers, his input is basically canon.

2. Working with the Team

As you might already know, there is a difference between a boss and a simple leader. Erik Huberman explains this using an analogy with a tug of war. While a boss yells at people to pull the rope harder, a leader gets there and pulls together with them. As the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, Huberman knows what he is talking about when it comes to leadership.

3. Have a Mission

Whenever you’re taking a step, you must know why you’re doing it and where you are heading. Dr. David G. Javitch is the founder and president of Javitch Associates. As a management specialist that has more than 30 years of experience in the field, he claims that one of the most important leadership skills is to know your mission. Write it down and make sure it’s clear and easy to understand. Your employees should be able to identify with your goals and fight for them together with you.

4. Being Humble

Murray Newlands is a business advisor, entrepreneur, investor, and a speaker. He founded a chatbot builder tool and he has plenty of experience in the field. When it comes to online marketing, we can surely call him a professional. In his opinion, another one of the most important examples of leadership skills is humility. It’s essential to admit when you’re wrong or when you made a mistake. At the same time, learn to share any credit for your successes.

5. Communicating Effectively

When it comes to being a good leader, Carly Okyle says it’s essential to communicate effectively. Through her experience in writing about the business field, she claims that any delay in communication can lead to other delays. And since time is money, not communicating rightly can damage your business more than you think. Just think about delaying products, orders, and not getting profit.


The examples of leadership skills above should be useful for anyone who wants to be a better leader. It’s a useful guide for checking how are you leading and whether there are any improvements you should make. At the same time, the advice we presented comes from professionals in the field. They have plenty of experience and learned it all by testing it on their businesses.

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Author: Amanda Knowles