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Entrepreneurial Leadership: What It is and Which are Its Main Traits?

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The standard definition of entrepreneurial leadership is a person that utilizes entrepreneurial traits to gather a group of people that have set out to reach a common goal.

Entrepreneurial characteristics include, among others, a willingness to take extraordinary risks and the ability to motivate employees to be self-reliant. It may also include the drive to push through new ideas and innovations while taking responsibility for the changes these will bring.


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Which are the Main Traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership that Will Help You Recognize One


Risk Taking for Optimal Benefits


This is the foremost trait that all entrepreneurs share to some degree. The individual styles and features of each entrepreneur may vary in the risks they are willing to take.

Everyone knows that without any risks, there isn’t any room for success or failure. Risk takers know that there is a possibility that their ideas or concepts may not work. Entrepreneurial leaders are willing to take those risks anyway.

Setting goals that are achievable can provide a good stability factor for business and professional success. To reach these goals, taking risks is often a necessary component.


Taking Personal Responsibility for the Outcomes


Such an entrepreneur is self-reliant and takes personal responsibility for the outcomes. They are passionate about reaching their goals and utilizing the resources available to achieve them.

Entrepreneurial leadership by its very nature is leadership that recognizes that individuals within the group need to feel ownership. Effective entrepreneur leaders have the styles and traits necessary for enhancing individual self-reliance while also moving towards a common goal.

When everyone takes responsibility for the project, all share the benefits or pitfalls that might come with the final results.


Creating “Sparks” and Enthusiasm for the Project


Entrepreneurs are born when a “spark” ignites a concept or idea that then triggers action. Passion is the main ingredient that drives innovation forward. The best way to describe this is to say that without some passion and energy, any project falls flat.

Entrepreneurs thrive when a project first gets going, but without a proper sustainable base, they often lose energy and focus.

It is vitally important that everyone will have some buy-in. Entrepreneurial leaders are often the catalyst for creating the sparks that drive the project forward. Also, they provide the much-needed enthusiasm required by the project.

Entrepreneurial leadership does share some traditional character traits. Most entrepreneurs are disciplined enough to know that certain risks should be avoided. The need for some focus is another important element.

A project also has to have a solid foundation. It is reasonably safe to assume that without one, an organization won’t get very far. Entrepreneur leaders do benefit from having a set of firm guidelines and perimeters.


Providing Flexibility through Rapid Changes


Entrepreneurs know that to be successful, they also need to be flexible. Rapid changes are common when you deal with the fluctuations of the business cycle.

It is through the phases of testing assumptions about products and services that you discover certain things. An entrepreneur can be very persistent while creating the perfect product or service. As such, flexibility is a key character trait for any entrepreneur to possess.

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Author: Amanda Knowles