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4 Entrepreneur Stories that Will Inspire You to Grow Your Business

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Everybody wants to run the show, be an entrepreneur, and/or the CEO of their own company or startup. But do you know just how difficult or challenging that can be? In fact, we’re sure you do. That’s why, to help you overcome your own issues, we’ve compiled a series of entrepreneur stories that stuck with it until the end. And won.

1. Milton Hershey

You know Hershey’s, the chocolate. We bet you didn’t know his name was Milton, though. Even though we cannot imagine life without this real Willy Wonka, when he started he was a nobody. He had three different candy companies at first, and all of them failed. His last attempt before giving up was the Lancaster Caramel Company. It had enormous results.

Given the fact he believed in the idea of milk chocolate for the masses he created Hershey Company, the one and only, which still stands today.

2. Walt Disney

You probably won’t believe this, but, at the beginning of his career, when he worked for a newspaper, Walt Disney was fired because he lacked creativity. He persevered, though and created Laugh-O-Gram Films, an animation company. Even though he raised some money for it, he was forced to close it soon enough, when a distributing partner went down.

He was desperate and broke, but he made his way to Hollywood nonetheless. Still, Hollywood was ruthless to the creator of Mickey and criticized him, which lead to more failure. However, never giving up, his movies soon picked up and became what we now know as Disney.

3. Artem Mashkov

Artem Mashkov is a serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of different businesses around New York, which include DevTribe. However, even though he is successful and happy now, there were times in his life when stress almost got the best of him. These are his own words.

‘[Stress]almost killed me. Around three years ago, I lost 20 pounds due to stress. It wasn’t because things weren’t going well. I was stressed because things were going too well, and I couldn’t capitalize on all the opportunities coming my way. But then I went full Zen mode. I started paying attention to my well-being, and the stress went away. Stress isn’t external. It’s internal. You choose whether you let stress control you. It’s all about your perspective on life.’

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4. Michael Tesalona

Michael Tesalona is the founder of Bradford & Crabtree, a company that revolves around SEO. His entrepreneur stories are fascinating because what caused him trouble in his career was not the lack of success but rather too much of it. When his company soared, and he was working 80 hours per week, he tried to reduce that number by automation. Here is what he had to say about it.

‘I’ve always been obsessed with the goal of creating a consistent stream of new clients,” he told me. “I wanted a machine that I could turn on and off and know with relative certainty how much additional revenue I could expect. The process took a long time, required a lot of specialized knowledge and was expensive. But it was worth it. It was a lesson in the importance of positioning in a competitive market and the benefit of having a well-crafted, targeted sales message.’

The entrepreneur stories of Milton Hershey, Walt Disney, Michael Tesalona, and Artem Mashkov prove that, when you have a dream, a good idea, and a valuable product or service you need to put out into the world, you should never back down. What are your favorite entrepreneur stories?

Author: Amanda Knowles