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What Is Employee Recognition and 4 Reasons to Implement It, Beyond Bonuses

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Especially if you have a lot of employees working for you, you might tend to focus on other issues and disregard employee recognition. In fact, this is a practice that you shouldn’t forget about, because it can bring a lot of benefits to your company.  Even if your employees have a good salary, this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like some recognition for their efforts as well. Recognition goes beyond money, and it can be as simple as some employee recognition words. Today, we’re going to talk about what exactly employee recognition entails and why you should strive to implement it.

What Is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition refers to the practice of acknowledging your employees’ efforts, behavior, attitude, and accomplishments. If you have employees whose attitude promotes the company’s spirit, and whose accomplishments contribute to the company’s success, then you should definitely take the time to recognize their efforts.

As we’ve already mentioned, recognition doesn’t only refer to bonuses. Of course, you can think of some employee recognition gifts. Still, it’s important to remember that not every employee is going to appreciate the same thing. Which is why before implementing employee recognition, you have to know what your employees like and how they want their work recognized.

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Your employees will appreciate you much more for taking the time to do that.

Why Should You Implement Employee Recognition? – 4 Reasons

1. Employee Engagement

The first and possibly most important benefit of well-implemented employee recognition programs is the fact that they help you engage your employees more. If they see that their efforts have been noticed and weren’t in vain, they will strive to perform even better in the future. Think of employee recognition as a motivation technique. First, it will increase the productivity of your employees. Then, it might even make them more engaged in projects they were reluctant to join before.

2. Employee Retention

If you offer every possible benefit to your employees, why would they want to look for another job? They probably wouldn’t, and that’s great news for you. Recognizing your employees’ good work and providing them with a reward for it will determine them to remain loyal to your company. Thus, you won’t have to face the possibility of employee turnover. Especially since this would cost your company quite a lot of money.

3. Employee Morale

No matter how much someone loves their job, there are days in which it’s harder to be positive and upbeat. Which is why showing appreciation for someone’s hard work is something you should strive for. This will increase their morale and determine them to keep up the good work and do it proudly.

4. Sense of Belonging

Most of us want to feel like we work in a place where we really belong, where we can feel we’re part of a team that’s working together to achieve a common goal. Consequently, focusing on employee recognition creates a supportive and positive work environment that will foster a sense of belonging.

We hope today’s guide has managed to convince you of all the great benefits of employee recognition and has determined you to try this practice yourself.

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Author: Amanda Knowles