Create an Employee Feedback Survey for Professional Evaluations

Create an Employee Feedback Survey for Professional Evaluations

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An employee feedback survey is a tool which helps the management of a business build a positive working environment as well as good relations between the people working in the same place. If the administration can create a properly constructed employee feedback survey, then they will be able to reinforce a pleasurable environment.

But how does one create a good employee feedback survey? Here are some template questions you must use.

Employee Feedback Survey Template Questions

#1. Do you feel encouraged to come up with new and better solutions for current or old problems?

#2. Does your work here give you a sense of personal accomplishment?

#3. Do you have the tools or the resources you need to perform your job well?

#4. Does the company strive to keep all the employees informed about the issues that matter to them?

#5. Does your job put all your skills and abilities to good use?

#6. Do the senior managers demonstrate a visible commitment toward quality?

#7. Do you feel like you have the opportunity of getting a better job in the company?

#8. Do you have any suggestions for improving our business?

#9. Please name three or four things we, the management, need to work on so that we can improve the company’s performance.

#10. Are there any issues which we did not address in this employee feedback survey on which you believe we should work?

#11. Does the management seek your counsel when it comes to suggestions and leadership?

#12. Do your superiors reward you based on the quality of your work?

#13. Does our company have a positive image in the eyes of your friends and family?

#14. Do you feel like your job here at the company makes a difference in the lives of others?

#15. Do you, typically, go beyond what we expect from you to accomplish your tasks?

#16. Name a few things that help you be and stay productive while doing your job.

#17. Does the management provide all these things?

#18. Do you have the feeling that all the employees here are recognized as individuals?

#19. Do you believe it is your personal motivation to see this company succeed?

#20. Do you think you have too few, too many or just enough tasks?

#21. Is this company flexible enough for your taste when it comes to your family responsibilities?

#22. Would you advise one of your friends to apply for a job at this company?

#23. Have you ever been harassed or discriminated against in any way in this firm?

#24. Have you ever noticed any of your colleagues being harassed or discriminated against in this company?

#25. Have you ever been forced to do overtime?

These are just a few of the questions you could include in a successful employee feedback survey. If you want to go beyond the general interrogations, feel free to ask your employees about their personal experiences in your company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles