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Top 4 Employee Engagement App and Software Options

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Measuring employee engagement is increasingly easy in our technology-savvy world. There are plenty of apps and software that can help you, as a business owner, check the productivity of your employees and make sure that they’re satisfied with working in your company. Today, we’re going to present you with 4 employee engagement app and software options that will prove to be anything you’ll ever need in order to manage your team.

4 Employee Engagement App and Software Options

1. Litmos

If you’re looking for an app that can help you train your employees better and more easily, then Litmos is the right choice for you. It’s a learning management system that comes from the well-known cloud computing company Salesforce. It has won awards for being the best and most used learning management system for employee training. Using it, it’s not difficult to understand why. With Litmos, you get the opportunity to organize your training materials in such a way that everyone who participates in the training can access them whenever they want, no matter where they are. Among the highlights of this management system we should mention its activity feeds, analytics, custom branding, and notifications and feedback options.

2. Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys & Pulses

This employee engagement tool offered by Quantum Workplace is perfect for when you want to measure the efficacity and engagement of your employees, and do that in a way in which you can attend to people individually. You can create pulse surveys and employee surveys which are custom, focusing on what your employees and your organization needs. Then, you can keep track of your results and filter them. This will help you connect them to what your goals are. You also get to share the results with everyone. Not to mention that the software helps you increase engagement by allowing you to create online commitment plans.

3. WorkTango

If you’re one of the people who think that reviewing employee engagement only once a year is not enough, you’ll be happy to hear that WorkTango focuses more on short-term employee engagement and how to accomplish your goals. It relies on employee commitments that are rather frequent. Then, it couples these with tools that you can use to receive information about employee engagement in real time. That way, you can be consistent with your support and feedback, and help both your employees and your company.

4. GetBadges

Finally, the last employee engagement platform that we want to mention is called GetBadges. This is a game-based motivation system that you can use whenever you want to make sure that your employees don’t feel trapped and bored at work, but engaged and content with their job. You’re going to help your team connect with each other, even if they’re working on different tasks and using different software. Moreover, this is an app that makes tasks seem fun. Thus, you’re also going to increase employee productivity and guarantee that your team has a great time at work. If you want to learn more about this software, we advise you to watch the presentation clip below.

We hope at least one of these employee engagement app and software options can help you by helping your employees perform at their best.

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Author: Amanda Knowles