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6 Emotional Intelligence Skills that Make Up the Perfect Employee

Emotional intelligence skills: empathy

Emotional intelligence plays a much more important role at work than you might think. Some people choose to use this cleverly to reach their goals, while others are not even aware of their own positive traits. Today we are going to have a look at the most important emotional intelligence skills the perfect employee should have.

Emotional Intelligence Skills to Look for in People

1. Delaying Gratification

An exceptional worker is not seeking only his personal gratification. The most important thing for him is to know that he did a good job. They even do tasks that are not covered by their job descriptions. This shows that they are truly committed to the company and its goals.

2. Managing Conflicts Well

You can recognize an exceptional employee by the fact that they don’t run from a conflict, but don’t seek it either. Whenever it occurs, they know how to handle things to get the best results. What you should appreciate in them is the calmness and their logical skills. Moreover, they are willing to take some personal attacks, if it’s the best for the greater goal.

3. Focusing

One of the most sought emotional intelligence skills is to concentrate on what you must do. And not only when there is no issue to be seen, but when there are troubles as well. For example, many people get intimidated by frustrated customers, angry calls, complaints, etc. However, they should remain focused on what is truly important, namely offering a good service despite a couple of issues here and there.

4. Being Brave

It may sound like a cliché, but being brave is something many people are out for these days. Whether we’re talking about speaking up for themselves or other employees, asking a favor or a question or confronting a manager, an exceptional employee has no trouble with this. What’s important here is to notice the timing and the common sense employed in their actions. A perfect employee thinks before they speak.

5. Seeking Perfection

Another one of the emotional intelligence skills you should look for in your employees is perfectionism. Even if things are going well for the moment, the perfect employee will keep struggling to make things even better. If you notice one of your employees is doing this, hang on to him or her. They have a great desire of making things work and improve, which is essential for your company.

6. Fixing Things

Finally, the last one of the emotional intelligence skills you need in your company is the desire to fix things. A good employee never runs away when something breaks. Instead, they try their best to fix everything and make things work again.


All in all, now you should know what to look for in the perfect employee. They should be focused, good conflict managers, perfectionist, and keen on fixing what’s broken. Not only you will be happier if you find such a person, but it will also benefit the rest of your employees and the company overall.

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Author: Amanda Knowles