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5 Emotional Intelligence Exercises for Adults to Spruce Up Their Skills

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Many people don’t understand why emotional intelligence is so important, especially when it comes to a job. Truth is, this is an element that can make the difference between employing one individual or another. Today, we are going to focus on some emotional intelligence exercises that can help you strengthen this important skill.

Emotional Intelligence Exercises to Include in Your Routine

1. Empty Your Pockets

It may sound weird, but this is a very useful exercise when it comes to emotional intelligence. The process here is to empty your pockets, your purse or your wallet. You can either practice this alone or with some other people. After you’ve emptied your pockets, try to tell their story. Where did you get them from? Do they mean anything for you? If you do this in a group, you can compare your stories to those of other people.

2. Monitor Yourself

This might sound like a hard task to achieve since you do plenty of things every day, but it’s incredibly useful for our purpose. Make a list of the things you do each day. Then, write next to it the reason you’re doing it. Through this exercise, you will see what is truly important for you. Moreover, you can focus better on what matters and get to know yourself better.

3. Name Your Feelings

Draw a continuum on a piece of paper or on a blackboard if you’re doing the exercise with other people as well. Write various feelings on that line, starting with negative ones, continuing with neutral, and ending with positive ones. Mark a spot where you would place yourself now. Then, set a goal: where would you want to be in an hour? Think about what can make you achieve your goal.

4. Take a Step Back and Breathe

One of the most important emotional intelligence exercises that are useful for stressful situations is breathing. If you’re living a hectic life, most likely you are not breathing properly. Take a couple of minutes and just breathe. Focus on how breathing feels, think of the air filling up your lungs. Then, when you feel calm, go back and deal with the stressful situation.

5. Be More Observant

When you’re ready to begin the exercise, stop anything you’re doing. Ask yourself what have you been doing for the past 5 minutes. Think of all the details, and you can even write them down. What were your feelings? Where was your mind? In this way, you can learn to pay more attention to your own feelings and thoughts. Moreover, in time you can even learn how to control them if you notice they are preventing you from achieving your goals and being productive.


The emotional intelligence exercises we described above are very useful for people who want to improve this skill. You can try them out by yourself or gather up a group of friends. If you’re a manager, you can even implement them at work. They will make the team bond more and get people out of their routine.

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Author: Amanda Knowles