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The Main E-Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages to Consider

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More and more businesses are engaging in e-commerce nowadays. That’s because most people have access to the internet, which means they’d much rather buy things online than go to a physical store. If you’ve been thinking about opening an e-commerce business, you should know that not every aspect of it is positive. As with any other type of business, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to consider. Because we want to help you be prepared for the unexpected, we decided to devise a list of e-commerce advantages and disadvantages you should keep in mind.

E-Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Open 24/7

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of e-commerce is that your business will never close. Even if there’s a snowstorm outside, people can still access your website, and you can still make a profit. Even during national holidays, when physical stores are closed, people who really want to buy something will find their way to your e-commerce store.

2. More Sales

This advantage is directly related to the previous one. Since an online store is available at all times, it makes sense that you’re going to sell more products than you would have in a brick and mortar store. If you also include international shipping, even more people are going to purchase whatever it is you’re selling. Plus, by not spending that much money on maintaining a storefront, you can invest more in making your customers’ online shopping experience all the more pleasurable and efficient. In turn, this will lead to even more sales.

3. Greater Business Reach

As we’ve already mentioned, in the case of e-commerce stores, the customer base doesn’t necessarily have to be domestic. Your products can reach the most faraway places in the world, without you making that much of an effort.


1. Internet Issues

One of the main disadvantages of owning an e-commerce business is that you’re entirely dependent on the internet. While that’s usually a good thing, it can also end up messing with your business. First of all, not everybody gets an internet connection. Second of all, even people who do can experience issues with it. Especially if you’re planning on offering some sales, make sure your website can handle the extra traffic without crashing.

2. Credit Card Problems

Paying with a credit card is usually a piece of cake. Still, sometimes, if something happens in the billing process, you have to remember that the credit card company probably won’t take your side. That’s because their job is to make their customers happy. This can lead to you delivering the products and ending up without the payment.

3. Security Issues

Online security is a big issue nowadays, and it’s something you have to be aware of. You have to invest in the security of your e-commerce business, and even so, you run the risk of getting hacked and having precious information stolen from you.

We hope these 6 e-commerce advantages and disadvantages have helped you decide if this type of business is right for you or not. For some more examples, check out the clip below!

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Author: Amanda Knowles