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Don’t Work Too Hard: It’s Not Really the Path to Success

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Are you part of that group of people who think that working really hard every single day will eventually bring them success and fulfillment? Then we are here to tell you the following thing: don’t work too hard. It may sound curious, but you should know that all those long hours can actually be counterproductive to your professional development. How, you ask? Well, this is precisely what we’re going to be exploring today. Let’s begin!

Remember: Don’t Work Too Hard


Are you a workaholic? If you just nodded your head feeling proud of your answer, ask yourself this: “Why are you so willing to admit to an addiction?” Because workaholism is indeed an addiction, not something to be proud of. Usually, people have a hard time admitting they are addicted to something. If being addicted to work doesn’t make you feel ashamed and worried, then you should reconsider the way you relate to it.

Long Hours Bring Less Productivity

Now, what is it that motivates you to work too much? For most people, it is the fact that they feel like they do more and they are more productive if they work more than 50 hours each week. In actuality, this is not true at all. Just think about it, if you work too much, you are automatically more tired. When you are more tired, you have a hard time focusing on what you have to do. Which also increases your irritability and decreases your general well-being. Now, even if you were to accomplish more at your job if you worked late hours, the focus shouldn’t be on the quantity of your work, but on its quality. Consequently, remember that when you are stressed, tired, and cranky, this will decrease the quality of your work. So overall, you won’t be more productive, you will be less productive.

Focusing On Work to Avoid Other Responsibilities

Some people also choose to bury themselves in their work as an escape from all sorts of personal issues or responsibilities. How many times did you put off attending to your personal life with the excuse that you are really busy at work? If you notice this pattern, it is time to put an end to it. Otherwise, you will find yourself constantly exhausted and overworked, and with nothing to show for yourself other than your job. Always make time for your personal life as well.

Balance Is Key

What is there to do then? How can you get out of this vicious cycle? You work too much, become too tired, avoid your personal life, and then only have your work to rely on. If you find yourself trapped in this situation, you have to remember that the key to a happy and fulfilled life is balance. Nobody says you shouldn’t give your best at work. However, don’t work too hard. Put more effort into things that matter most, and learn to prioritize more. Then, don’t forget to save enough time every day to take care of yourself and nurture your personal relationships.

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Author: Amanda Knowles