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What Is Diversity Training and Is It Worth It?

Workplace diversity shown by four hands of different skin colors holding each other by the wrist, forming a square

You might have heard about diversity training recently. In case you’re not completely familiar with this notion, you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to show you what is diversity training, a couple of concrete examples, and in the end, we will see if it’s all worth it or not.

What Is Diversity Training?

Any program that aims to create a positive interaction in a diverse group can be called diversity training. It aims to cut down on discrimination and prejudice and teach employees how to work together despite the differences between them. It all sounds very good in theory, but how can you achieve this goal?

Diversity Training Examples

To better understand the entire concept behind it, we are going to look at three concrete examples of diversity training and how did these companies manage to make their employees more open.

1. NetSuite

If you haven’t heard of it, NetSuite is an enterprise software company that launched a recent mentoring program. It consisted in matching high-performing women working in the company with mentors from other departments or who worked on a level above them. This helped the employees share their own experience and know each other better. Moreover, they got accustomed to the gender diversity in the company, which led to better results.

2. Google

We already know that Google is among the most successful companies in the U.S., especially when it comes to attracting young employees. In what concerns the topic of our article, the tech giant created some special outreach programs to colleges, for instance. Moreover, they also focus on mentoring interns, creating some strong social media profiles and encouraging diversity in any aspect.

3. U.S. Army

It might be surprising to see this institution on the list, but it’s worth having a look at it. Ever since the WW2, the U.S. Army placed together both white and black people to fight. The results? Studies have shown that people who got the chance to work together with African-Americans were more open, while the racial conflicts inside the platoons decreased. It might not be the first example that comes to mind when thinking about diversity training programs, but it was surely effective.

Is It Worth It?

Having your employees know what is diversity training and how much does this help the entire team is essential for a large company. Even though it’s hard to fight people’s misconceptions and change their opinions, at least you provide them the tools to learn how to work together. This, in turn, leads to a more productive team altogether, which can only be beneficial for your business.


Diversity training is a great tool for making people work better in teams inside your own company. Luckily, there are plenty of examples and exercises available. You can introduce them in people’s training if you want to achieve this goal. Regardless of the way you choose to do it, it’s important to make sure everybody feels safe and accepted at work. Besides triggering personal issues, discrimination may also bring you legal and moral issues, so diversity training is a solution to avoid it all.

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Author: Amanda Knowles