3 Best Resources for Developing Leadership Skills

3 Best Resources for Developing Leadership Skills

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Developing leadership skills is an intricate process that will require a lot of work. Apart from that, you will also have to use some tools and resources which will help you on your way to becoming a successful leader. Building on this idea, we have prepared a list of the best resources for developing leadership skills available out there. Here it is.

The Best Resources for Developing Leadership Skills

#1. Leadership Seminars

Unfortunately for most of us, leadership classes and courses have not been a part of the classical school curricula. They are starting to enter it now, but that won’t help us, the ones which have already completed their education.

Still, you shouldn’t lose hope yet because the solution comes in the shape of leadership seminars. Evidently, just like most books on the matter, workshops vary in length and quality.

Tip – if you’re interested, you can always ask you HR department to recommend some to you. Apart from that, you should always look for a seminar held by a prestigious author or an organization which you trust.

#2. Leadership Conferences

As opposed to a workshop, a leadership conference revolves around the idea that it’s a lot better to bounce ideas off others to get to a spectacular result. This type of meetings tends to help mostly the individuals who are actively trying to get better in the field of leadership. They get the chance to try out the best practices and to share what they believe.

#3. Leadership Books

Leadership ignorance is, unfortunately, a very real and aggravating situation. Your best weapon against it is books. However, seeing as there are so many books on leadership out there, it becomes vital that you find the ones which suit your purposes best.

Here are the main types of leadership books.

  • Parables – a parable is a story which aims to teach you a particular lesson. It uses practical and noticeable terms so that the trainee almost feels like he is experiencing that situation. Leadership parables work exactly in the same way.
  • Inspiration – These are the resources for developing leadership skills which will put you in the right mindset for thinking about the matter at hand.
  • Case Studies – they represent a form of history from which you can learn. The best thing about them is that you get to experience all these situations without the pesky consequences.
  • Biography – reading a few biographies of the biggest leaders who lived in the past will serve as a primary source of influence for you.
  • How-to – If you already know what type of leader you want to be, a how-to book will be the best help which you can get.

Bonus round – when it comes to the best resources for developing leadership skills, articles are great as well. They are always direct and focused on one problem at a time, and the issues which they tackle are distinct. The great thing about them is that they are a very quick read, taking only a little time.

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Author: Amanda Knowles