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The Secret to Developing a Growth Mindset in Your Team: Care More

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Employing a growth mindset in your company is one of the surest ways to success. What does having a growth mindset mean, you ask? It means you believe you can develop your skills if you work hard, come up with good strategies, ask for feedback from other people, and so on. As a leader or manager who wants to see their team more motivated and working together towards a common goal, a growth mindset is the perfect strategy. Today, we’re going to tell you how you can start developing a growth mindset in your business.

Developing a Growth Mindset: Key Strategies

#Mention Growth from the Very Beginning

If you want to develop a team with a growth mindset, you should make sure everyone in the team is looking for the same thing and knows what to expect. This means mentioning this type of approach when you interview people for a job. Let them know that you’re looking for people who are willing to be with the company for a longer period of time, and advance here as well. You can also include this bit of information in the job description, so that you only meet with people who truly want the same things.

#Make Sure the Company’s Values Are Growth-Related

If you’re going to insist on a growth mindset for your team, then you have to go all in. This means evaluating the company as well. Check whether its values and vision are in accordance with a growth mindset or not. If they’re not, you have to adjust them properly. Make sure it’s clear that your intent is to help your employees develop, and develop your business at the same time.

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Create a work environment based on open and meaningful communication, trust, and accountability.

#Provide Employees with a Chance to Shine

If you want your employees to grow, you also have to provide them with chances to do so. This means you shouldn’t insist on them sticking only to a certain type of work. Offer them the possibility to involve themselves in different projects, and allow them to make their own decisions, even if the decisions are high level. Moreover, ask for their opinion as often as possible, and involve them in meaningful meetings. That’s because these meeting will most likely impact their work as well, which means they should know what’s happening there.

All of these growth strategies point towards how much you care for your employees. If you implement them correctly, your team will feel valued. In turn, this will motivate employees to engage more and be more committed to helping the company grow. The team will also feel more confident, since they’re kept in touch with what happens in the company. Furthermore, because they’re aware of the details, they can focus on resolving issues faster and better.

Developing a growth mindset in your company is something that takes time, but that can bring you the success and recognition you always wanted.

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Author: Amanda Knowles