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What Is Design Research and How to Apply It in Your Online Strategy

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Design research is a broad term that stands for the understanding and improvement of design practices and processes, regarding any domain. Basically, when we refer to design research, we mean the ability to look at people and situations around you and use your understanding of them as inspiration. Even if those people might not have the same professions or approach as you, you can still strive to understand how design works in their mind. Today, we’re going to talk a bit more about the evolution of design research. Moreover, we’re going to provide you with some online tools to help you apply it.

What Is Design Research and How It Came to Be

When this field emerged in the 1960s, it focused only on research into the design process. Since then, its definition expanded, in order to include any type of research implanted in the design process. What we mean by this is that it started including designing context and its analysis, as well as design practice and its research. Thus, the concept of design research became more general. In fact, The Design Research Society mentions that its aim is the promotion of the research and study of the designing process, no matter its field.

Applying Design Research Methods in Your Online Strategy

Most businesses nowadays rely on online strategies for research and development. That’s why we thought it useful to mention some tools that can help you in your design research process.

#How to Find Inspiration

One of the best things about design research is the fact that you can get your inspiration from the many people you research. For instance, did you know that you can look at people who might become your customers in the future and find inspiration? Voice Polls is a great tool for that. It can help you design your own polls and surveys, and find out interesting things about people you get in contact with. You can ask question about anything that’s on your mind. Moreover, you can also weigh in with your own opinion, thus forming a connection with the people you talk to. This app is available both in the App Store and on Google Play. It’s easy to use, fun, and convenient.

#How to Provide and Seek Expertize

What if we told you there’s an easy way to find people who are interested in the same research fields as you are? The tool that can help you is called PivotPlanet. This is a website that helps people looking for an expert in a certain field find one. Similarly, people who are experts and want to help other people out can use PivotPlanet to do so. This wasn’t originally a website targeted to design researchers. Still, a lovely community managed to take shape, and you’re more than welcomed to join it.

We hope we’ve managed to clear out what design research is, as well as provide you with some tools that can help you become a part of this world. Don’t hesitate to explore it!

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Author: Amanda Knowles