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4 Ways a Few Deeds of Selfless Service Will Enrich Your Perspective

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While some people think that there’s no such thing as a selfless service, and that everything we do is in some way or another selfish, others consider that doing selfless deeds can enrich our perspective on life and truly foster change. Even if we feel happy and satisfied after doing a selfless deed, there’s no denying that we have the power to do things for other people without actively expecting a reward or thinking about how this is going to influence us. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the practice of selfless service. Let’s see how it can enrich your perspective!

4 Ways Selfless Service Will Transform Your Life

1. Expand Your Mind

Usually, every decision we make on a daily basis is made in accordance to our own desires and how we can benefit from it. Sometimes, we might also take into account other people’s opinions. However, it all usually comes down to how we feel about it. While there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first in many instances, thinking about other people might expand your mind and vision more than usual.

How, you ask? Well, whenever we think only of ourselves, we tend to limit our view. We calculate everything and predict every single step. Thinking solely of other people will help us expand our mind, our identity, and our sense of self. Selfless deeds might make us happy, but they’re going to make us happy about other people’s happiness instead of our own.

2. Gain Real Friends

Since not everybody is willing to help someone else without an ulterior motive, people tend to appreciate those who do even more. Getting help from someone who doesn’t expect anything in return when you most need it can turn your life around. Moreover, it can help you gain real friends who will be there for you no matter what. True friendship can’t be selfish. In order to truly love someone, you have to learn how to be selfless with them. This also brings about an expansion of the self, as you allow other perspectives to influence yours.

3. Practice Gratitude

Especially if you’re going through a great moment in your life, it’s important to share that positive attitude with other people. Usually, we engage in selfless acts when we see people in need. Seeing someone struggling while you’re not won’t only encourage you to help that person reach the same emotional fulfillment, but it will also make you feel more grateful for what you have in your life.

4. Lower Your Pride

If you have a chance to help someone in need, you should do that regardless of whether someone is watching or not. The fact that someone is witnessing your selfless deed shouldn’t be the only thing motivating you. It also shouldn’t be a reason for you not to do it for fear that people might read into it. Still, if you can do good deeds without people knowing about them, we advise you to take advantage of the opportunity. This will help you shift your perspective and lower your pride. Remember you’re doing it for other people, not for yourself.

Especially this holiday season, but not only now, get inspired by selfless service stories and make your own!

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Author: Amanda Knowles