Declutter: 5 Things to Do with Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore

5 Things to Do with Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore


In today’s era of recycling, it’s surprising how many people still throw their unwanted items into the garbage bin. Yet, you don’t need to clutter up a landfill when it’s time to declutter your home.

If you have items that cannot be recycled, you can possibly repurpose them, give them away, or even make money from them.

Sure, throwing something in a trashcan might seem easier. But do you really want to contribute to the landfill problem?

5 Smart Ways to Take Care of Old Unwanted Items

Don’t just take that old chair and toss it into the dumpster. Consider finding a better way to dispose of it. Here are a few ideas:

1. Have a Garage Sale or Yard Sale

Well, why not? You may think this is a lot of work and effort, but you can actually make some decent money with a garage sale. If you don’t have enough stuff of your own, see if a friend or two wants to join in and hold a group garage sale.

You can even have a yard sale to raise money for your favorite charity.

2. Sell Your Items Online

Many items that you think are worthless may actually be valuable to someone else. Clothes, jewelry, furniture, bicycles, and more can be sold on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, and various smartphone apps.

3. Donate Your Stuff to Charity

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t consider that their old stuff might help out a charity. You can drop your items off at the local Goodwill, and some charities will even come pick up your old furniture for you.

Many charities such as local classical radio stations will accept old cars. They do all the work and you just hand over the keys and sign some papers.

4. Upcycle Your Stuff

“Upcycle” is a relatively new word that basically describes a type of recycling. You take something old, say, a pair of jeans that is out of date, and then you modify the item to make it new and better. Thus, it is “upcycled,” as in upscaled.

Upcycling can be a lot of fun. If you have kids, this can be a way to take your old junk and give them some craft projects to do on a rainy afternoon. You can find many upcycling ideas online.

5. Give Your Stuff to Friends and Family

It’s not hard to give stuff away. Just post a note on social media saying you have some stuff you are giving away. You never know what people might need.

For example, anyone who loves to sew for a hobby might be thrilled to get your old bedsheets. These can be used for practice sewing, fitting purposes, quilts, or extra lining.

Upcycling and Sharing Stuff is Much Better Than Trashing It

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Rather than just tossing that old fish tank, take it to your local Goodwill or find a creative use for it. The local environment will thank you.

Author: Jon Stahl