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The 7 Stages of Dealing With Change in the Workplace

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Change in the workplace has become a constant in today’s world. The rapid advancement of technology, an ever-growing market and the quick access to information all lead to often changes in a business. However, not everybody can deal as easily with this accelerated dynamic. Today we are going to present you the stages of dealing with change in the workplace.

Dealing with Change in the Workplace Step by Step

1. Be Aware of the Change

A natural reaction, when confronted with something new, is to run away. Though it may seem like a solution, remember it’s not a good one. Accept the fact that things are changing and that you can’t do anything to stop it.

2. Have a Plan

Writing down a plan is a great way with dealing with your fear of change. It gives you the illusion of control. Write down all your fears and worries and think about what can you do about it and what’s the worst that could happen. Once you see that not everything is so tragic, you will relax a little.

3. Accept Your Feelings

After you see that there is no reason to worry about the end of the world coming, the next step in dealing with change in the workplace is to accept your feelings. It’s normal to be afraid of something new and not knowing how to deal with it. Allow you the necessary time to process all the changes. Don’t rush to say that everything’s okay just yet, each of us has their own rhythm.

4. Get Positive

If you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, it’s time to get more positive. Fear can become stronger if you feed it negative feelings and thoughts. Try to see objectively the negative and positive aspects of the change to come. Look at the impact and search for the good parts in it.

5. Be Flexible

Most of the time, people have a hard time dealing with change in the workplace because they are too accustomed to the way things are. A healthy mindset is accepting that everything could change right away. Of course, we all crave stability and predictability, but that is not always possible. This mindset prepares you for situations that change your routine.

6. Get Involved in the Change

If possible, try to have an active role in the change. Even though it may seem exactly what you don’t want to do, it helps you focus on your task. Through this, you will leave your fear aside and feel like a driver of change. The empowering feeling will keep your fear at bay.

7. Communicate

Communication is extremely important when dealing with change in the workplace. First, talk about your feelings with friends, family, coworkers. This will help you feel better. Second, talk about what you don’t understand with your boss or supervisor. They can explain you more and offer extra details for an easy transition.


The steps of dealing with change in the workplace shown above are simple, yet very effective. Follow them if you’re always struggling with change at work. Even though it might be hard to learn how to cope with change, the results will be wonderful.

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Author: Amanda Knowles