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How to Deal With Stress At Work

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Stress is one of the most common problems today. It has become a constant in many people’s lives, which sadly leads to many health problems. But how to deal with stress at work? Today we are going to have a look at tips and tricks on how to cope with stress and be more relaxed.

How to Deal with Stress at Work and Be More Productive

1. Be in Control

Stress appears most often when we feel we don’t have control over a situation. Think of a typical day at work and see what kind of situations arise and you don’t have control over them. Try to improve what you can and learn to let go of the rest.

2. Keep a Stress Journal

For a week, write down what situations or problems made you feel stressed. Write down details about how you felt, what were you thinking, who was around you, etc. Note down your reaction as well. After a while, you will notice some patterns in your stress triggers.

3. Breathe

Breathing is an automatic process, and sadly we don’t pay enough attention to it. In fact, plenty of meditation techniques rely on breathing exercises. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a short break and breathe. Inhale for 5 seconds, then hold it in and exhale slowly. You will be surprised how fast you will be able to relax and to clear your mind.

4. Make Healthy Choices

Most people choose to fight stress by smoking, eating junk food and being lazy on the couch. However, making healthy choices is going to help you a lot more. When you feel down at work, try eating a fruit or a vegetable. Even if you can’t do a lot of healthy things at work, remember that a little goes a long way.

5. Schedule Breaks

One of the most common mistakes people do when trying to learn how to deal with stress is not paying attention to breaks. Instead of trying to cram as much work as possible in 8 or 10 hours, you should also include breaks often. The natural cycle, if you want to obtain maximum productivity, is to work 90 minutes and take a 10 minutes break.

6. Talk to Your Supervisor

If the situation is this bad at work, you should consider talking to your supervisor. Explain to them that you’re not feeling okay and suggest some possible things they can change. It’s in their interest as well to have healthy and productive employees, so you shouldn’t hesitate to be open about these problems. They can make a couple of changes to reduce your stress, such as modifying your workspace, offering more information about the projects, giving you access to wellness resources, etc.


One of the first things you need to do if you want to learn how to deal with stress at work is to accept that you’re stressed. It’s a natural reaction of your body to various stimuli you encounter day by day. Follow the steps above and not only to cut down on this negative factor and be more productive at work.

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Author: Amanda Knowles