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Measure These 4 Customer Experience Metrics to Ensure CX

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One of the common mistakes businesses do when faced with customer experience is this. They tend to focus on what the employees are doing rather than on what the customer is going through. There are some metrics such as productivity, performance, and time tracking which are highly important. However, they don’t mean that much when faced with customers. Instead, let’s take a look at some customer experience metrics.

1. The Number of Completed Conversations

As far as customer experience metrics go, you should count all the conversations your staff have with customers. You should count the completed ones. Here’s why. Let’s say that you receive 20,000 support conversations. Out of those, you completed 2,000. This means that your team has to deal with a fantastic amount of spam. Or that you have way too little staff and they simply cannot handle all the workload. Find out the reason and fix it.

2. The Number of Customers You Helped

In an ideal environment, the number of customers that you have helped over time needs to be a descending one. This, evidently, means that you are improving your services and your customers don’t need help to navigate your website or use your product. If the number is growing, something is wrong.

Have you released a tricky product that is not user-friendly? Do you need to publish a tutorial on how to use it? Is your staff not friendly or helpful enough? In what part of the process are your customers getting stuck – purchasing, paying, shipping, using the product?

3. Customer Satisfaction

It is highly recommended that you send out short inquiries immediately after the customer has interacted with you. No more than 24 hours or the customer will forget the interaction. Another good piece of advice here is to keep the questionnaire or survey to the minimum. One or two questions will suffice. People don’t have time or patience for more than that.

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4. The Number of Team Changes

If there’s one thing that gets customers frustrated, that’s when they encounter changes within your team. According to studies, when customers make a call to your support team, 59 percent of them will always be transferred to someone else. Of course, that’s a joint effort to make sure the client receives the best possible solution to their problem.

That particular customer support agent does not have the knowledge to fix that problem, or it might not be in his field. Therefore, he passes the client to someone more appropriate. However, the customer sees this as passing off and a waste of their time. It’s frustrating. Remember that clients don’t know how your company operates and don’t understand why they have to go through three different people until they can finally find one who can answer a question.

Fix this situation by assigning conversation with clients to entire teams, not just an individual who can only do so much.

Tracking a client’s interaction with your business via customer experience metrics such as these ones is not a difficult thing to do. Use the number of team changes, customer satisfaction, the number of customers you helped, and the amount of completed conversations to help you provide better customer support.

Author: Amanda Knowles