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How to Design Custom Presentation Folders that Draw Customers’ Attention

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Whenever you have to present customers with handouts and leaflets that contain information about your business, you have to do it in a way that attracts them and convinces them to look more into your company. Similarly, if you’re organizing an event where you want to distribute promotional items, or you want to sign someone and need a place where you can keep the necessary documents, you should consider designing a custom presentation folder that your potential clients won’t be able to forget. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on designing amazing custom presentation folders that can boost your business.

How to Design Custom Presentation Folders

1. Less is More

Even though you might be tempted to cover the custom presentation folder in all sorts of eye-catching phrases, prints, or images, the truth is that there’s a reason why they’re called presentation folders. Their purpose is to host papers that contain information about your company. This means that they shouldn’t serve as a distraction from what’s inside of them. Still, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creative when devising a custom presentation folder. The whole purpose of it being custom is to allow you to bring something unique to the design, something that only your company could.

2. Make It Memorable

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important for your company folders to contain something specific about your business. Preferably, it should be something memorable that your customers will remember. Maybe you have a catchy tagline that is not too long and would work perfectly on your folders. If this is not the case, you at least have to use your company’s logo. This has to be one of the main elements on the folder. Try to be creative and think of other things related to your business that are short enough, yet memorable, and could attract more customers.

3. Include Contact Information

If you’ve really won over potential customers with your custom presentation folders and what they contain, then you want them to be able to get in contact with you easily. Don’t make them look for your contact information online. Simply include it on the folders and let them know you’re available to answer their questions and honor their requests. Another useful thing to add on the presentation folders is your social media information. Include your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even your Instagram page.

4. Think About the Details

Since the trick is not to include too many things on your presentation folders, you have to realize that the details are really important in capturing the clients’ attention. For instance, you have to think about the color of the folders, whether you want their finish to be matte or shiny, and so on. The font is also important, and so is the way the illustrations (if any) are printed.

Before deciding on a presentation folder, make sure to take all these matters into account and sample different designs. You’re going to find your favorite soon enough!

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Author: Amanda Knowles