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How to Create Your Own Logo and 3 Tools that Help

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So you’ve just got an idea about a freelance project that you want to build. But there’s one tiny problem: you don’t have a logo. Yet. And you don’t know how to create your logo. No worries. The Internet is full of surprises, especially when it comes to the good ones. So we’re going to present you x ways to create your own logo.

Steps & Tools to Create Your Own Logo

One or Two Colors

Use only 1 or 2 colors. Too many colors will ruin your logo, it will make it obnoxious for the viewer and it will make it hard to remember. Think of the Coca-Cola or McDonald’s logo. They’re simple, yet, effective. Also, take into account the fact that the color you choose. It will influence your customer’s psychology.

Timeless Design

Use a design that will not age. Timeless logos; again, think about the McDonald’s, Nike or Adidas logos. These logos do not grow old or tired, they keep their fresh air. And so this will help your small business or freelance project grow.

Step Three

Versatile graphics are key: they are adaptable to different formats: online, or print. You can test and see how they adapt to different media interfaces, from a computer desktop, mobile screen, and cards. And also make sure that the logo fits your niche, be it pharmaceutical or editing/ writing services.

5 Programs you can use to create your logo

1. Logomaker

Logomaker is a program you can use to create your own logo. It features an online wizard and lots of presets (icons and images) made directly by professional designers. You can add text, modify the font and mix the colors to create your own logo in a matter of minutes. Afterward, save them and download them for free. You’ll get the HTML code to copy-paste on your website. For high-res versions for print, you’ll have to pay $49.

2. LogoYes

LogoYes allows you to design and perfect your business logo before you have to pay. When done, then it’s payment time. Luckily for you, their wizard is easy to use. Search for your logo researching the industry in which you activate. Then, there’s a drag-and-drop feature where you can add text and photo edit the soon-to-be logo. This tool is best for simple & straightforward logos. Once done, you’ll only have to pay 99 cents to download the finished logo (even in high-res).

3. Jeta Logo Designer

This logo designer is one of the more pro-oriented programs. If you’re not sure about how to create your own logo, fear not! It offers over 5000 vector shapes, many fonts, and styles for you to experiment with in the search of your ageless logo. And its user interface is simple and intuitive. All it takes is time and patience to learn the art of skillfully combining text, image, and color into one powerful logo.

So, in the end, it is up to you how you want to design your logo. However, remember that, depending on your niche and the public you want to address to, you can have either an abstract logo (Apple), that appeals more to the services you provide, or a font & text based one, that appeals to the type of activity you practice. The rest is art.

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Author: Amanda Knowles