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5 Corporate Social Responsibility Examples to Learn From

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Aligning your company with a certain social or environmental cause seems to be the trend nowadays. However, many people don’t know what is corporate social responsibility or what companies is it associated with. Briefly put, CSR is about the actions a company takes that have an impact on the world. Some of them choose to act when it comes to the environment, others choose charity programs, etc. Today we are going to look at some corporate social responsibility examples to inspire you with your business.

Corporate Social Responsibility Examples to Serve as Inspiration

1. Starbucks

It’s almost four decades since Starbucks entered the market, and right from the start, they had some impressive ethics. Back in 2012, they occupied the fifth position in a top of the most socially responsible companies made by Fortune Magazine. They are continuously trying to have a sustainable production of coffee. Besides, they are interested in environmental leadership, product quality, and economic accountability.

2. Xerox

It may come as a surprise, but Xerox is one of the best corporate social responsibility examples. They engage in various initiatives, such as Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition and Green World Alliance. What’s more impressive is that they have the Xerox Community Involvement Program. This is a program that lets employees work on various social projects.

3. Disney

Disney is famous all around the world for the efforts they’re making for children. Even though they have been in the industry for quite a while, they have an impressive reputation with CSR. They are very involved in volunteerism, environment and community projects. They offered plenty of aid following natural disasters, for example, the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti. Moreover, they protect the environment.

4. NuSkin

Another interesting corporate social responsibility example is NuSkin, a personal care company that focuses on helping people all around the world. For instance, one of their major projects was a campaign called Nourish the Children. They started this in 2002 and made employees, sales leaders, and customers donate meals for children in need. Until 2014, they had donated up to 350 million meals.

5. Microsoft

Yet another company that tries to give something back to society is Microsoft. One of the ways they do that is their Employee Giving Campaign. With this, employees participate in fundraising events set up for nonprofit organizations. The campaign started way back in 1983 and it’s still on today. What’s more impressive is that it managed to raise over $1 billion for more than 31,000 organizations.


Maybe the concept of corporate social responsibility sounds a little complicated, but in fact, it’s a simple principle. The companies that adopt this strategy want to help back the society and involve in various causes. And, as we have seen in the examples above, there are plenty of ways they can do it. From fundraising campaigns to supporting environmental causes, plenty of companies manage to involve their own employees in similar actions. Naturally, this helps them build a better image and more popularity, while also helping the society, which is one of the best advantages of CSR.

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Author: Amanda Knowles